Will they work for my 2019 500s?


I just ordered some spacers with a 74.1 mm hub bore. Will they work for my 2019 500s?

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Answers ( No )

  1. All CFMs use lug-centric or centering not the hub. If you ordered one for hub-centric or centering, it will have flat lugs and that won't work for any CFM. If it has tapered lugs with no lip and it has the 4/110 pattern, it will work. These are the right spacers which BTW do have a 74mm bore: https://www.ebay.com/itm/4X-1-5-ATV-4X110-10×1-25-Wheel-Spacers-For-Honda-Kawasaki-Suzuki-Yamaha/272516506666?epid=6027412968&hash=item3f733fe42a:g:sQQAAOSw3fxb4q22

  2. I guess my question is why would you order them if you're not sure if they will fit

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