I have a zforce 800ex year 17


I have a zforce 800ex year 17. I ordered front brakes came as a set ordered back brakes only got 2 pads stupid waited 2 weeks for these. Question I have is the 2017 rear brake pads same as the 14-16 I couldn’t find the 17s pads so ordered the 14-16 rears since the front where 16-17s rear pads part number fa651 is what I ordered do those work on my 17

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Answers ( No )


    2017 and older.
    For front , FA135 & FA165.
    Rear FA651.

    According to Cfmoto the change took place in 2018 but I've heard some late 2017 have the newer larger calipers.


    Some 17 had 1 set, some had 2


    I would have asked this first before buying pads,but that's just me lol


    The 800's should be all the same pads as far as I know

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