Why my 2002 R1 revs when I open her up hard?


Might sound like a stupid question but anyone know why my 2002 R1 revs when I open her up hard? I don’t mean normal revs I mean like it’s slipped into neutral for a second? Never had it on any of my bikes before.

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  1. Slipping clutch

  2. Are you running synthetic oil, some of those older bikes get a lot of clutch slippage when using full synthetic

  3. Clutch slipping

  4. I’ve just checked my cable free play and it’s not as it should be. I’ll test that and see if it helps. Thanks guys ud83cudffb

  5. Might be the gear popping out. Second gears go with your year. Shift fork wearing out

  6. Clutch is slipping im going thur that right now

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