What’s the best exhaust for Honda Grom


What’s the best exhaust out there for the grom?. Need to get a new one ?

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  1. Brocks for power…zoom for price, fmf/tyga for stunt. fmf/two bros for off road and on road….plenty more options but those are straight to the point

    • M4 for the looks ?

    • Rickard, M4 sounds great I had one for a few thousand miles and loved it. I’ve seen a few of them fail tho because the cam has no support for all that weight. The only brackets are on the header section. Seen 3-4 break in same spot and the black finish burns away at the header usually. Sounds and performs great tho for what it costs.

    • Hindle for power and cost?

  2. This one is about as good as it gets.

  3. Anything that’s not under tail or under belly… Anything else make great sliders when you crash.

  4. Hard bodies slip on ?? looks and sound good.

  5. Zoom loop, sounds great

  6. RPM EXHAUST….. its the shit…. I have one for sale too 😉

  7. Hrp under belly – new design for real power gain and sweet sound

  8. Get a Hindle from Brian Gin. Hindle makes the Brock’s exhaust and it’s a lot cheaper.


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