Inexpensive GPS System Recommendation


Fairly inexpensive gps system for bike – 2007 nomad?

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  1. Google maps on my phone.

  2. I use an old TomTom tucked up into my fairing.

  3. I have an old Garmin but usualy use my Phone. Google Maps.

  4. Cell phone

  5. I have one of the less expensive Garmins with a RAM mount.

  6. I use CoPilot software on an old Galaxy s4 phone. The phone has no service from any providers. The maps are stored locally and the phone is in a LifeProof case that is mounted to the handlebars using a Ram Mount. So I have a waterproof GPS device as long as it isn’t being charged for less than $50.

  7. Any cheap car one works great.

  8. Your phone

  9. I use an old car one sometimes, and it would be great, except I can’t see the screen when the sun is shining on it.

  10. You’re phone lol

  11. No such thing as a cheap motorcycle GPS.

  12. Ebay sells refurbished Garmin Zumo units as low as $300.

  13. your smart phone with google maps

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