What type of cloth should be used on the windshield?


Hello brothers, what type of cloth should be used on the windshield?

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  1. Non Scratch or Regular Plastic?

  2. Being a Auto Detailer, I always use clean Cloth Baby Diaper, or very fine Microfiber Towels on all surfaces. Tight Weave and Soft. I also mark Towels for a certain surfaces, and also wash with “Like” Towels…Glass for Glass, Wax for Wax, etc…so they don’t become contaminated over time. For Plastic Surfaces use a Plastic Cleaner and Restorer from any auto parts store 😉 Hope that helps?

  3. Regular plastic

  4. “Regular plastic”..then I’m afraid nothing you use is going to prevent it from scratching. Should have gone with a hard-coated or Lexan plastic. At least always spray it off with water first then use what RG Hamilton suggests above.

  5. II got it from octane ridge whatever they sell.

  6. I got my windshield from DA BOMB. They have reg and scratch resistant. I bought the scratch resist one and im very pleased . Ive had it for 1.5 years and it looks almost new. I carry baby wipes , but i make them very wet and wipe VERY GENTLE then dry with a clean cloth. I run my machine in overgrown trails with limbs slapping the windshield often and my windshield looks great yet. Im happy i went for the scratch resistant one .

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