What everyone running for oil and oil filter?


What everyone running for oil and oil filter. Don’t want to run the dealer shit. Was thinking k&n filter and rotella t6

What everyone running for oil and oil filter?

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  1. That’s all I’ve ever ran in my commander k&n 5-40 rotella

  2. K&n filter, Mobil 1 10-40

  3. Do a uni filter k&n sucks and i run royal purple oil

  4. I run K&N and use t6 also. Royal purple in my trans, and diffs.

  5. I don’t recommend K&N. I’ve ran UNI and R2C. I use Amsoil oil.

  6. K & N sucks, amsoil for oils, twin air for air filter, oem for oil filter.

  7. I use rotella t6 5w40 and HiFlo filter, can’t go wrong with rotella oil

  8. I just want to know why nobody likes to run xps oil which it calls for I’ve seen no big price difference. And this is a serious question.

  9. The snorkels for yours Erik Espinoza

  10. T6 stock filter so fare

  11. I run amsoil 0w40 with a k&n oil filter

  12. How much hp do you get from a k&n filter

  13. Foam filter >k&n

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