First oil change for 850 Outlander


Doing first diff oil change on my 2020 850 what are you guys running?

First oil change for 850 Outlander

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  1. I’m using what brp sells but I think this round I’m going to switch to royal purple

  2. I’d used the brp overpriced kit before I even thought of using royal purple.

  3. I use search bar brand

  4. Lucas synthetic

  5. XPS is Mobil 1, front diff to fill sight, rear diff is 250ml, gearbox is fill sight

  6. I prefer Amsoil lubes

  7. Walmart supertech. I use that shit in everything I own. Never ever had a problem.

  8. On 10 thousand dollar bike I’m using brp sorry folks

  9. How many hours before first change?

  10. A bunch of clowns in this group apparently was a serious question asking about oil weight 75-140 in the rear if I remember but thanks anyways

  11. I’m gonna change my whole bike over to ams oil products

  12. Mobil full synthetic,brp doesnt make its own oil anyway and its overpriced

  13. I fucking love that colour

  14. color is cool!!!! looks like a angry badassed pumpkin !!!!!

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