What does everyone do with their factory tires?


May be a dumb question but what does everyone do with their factory tires and wheels when they switch, just store em or is their a market for em?

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Answers ( No )

  1. Sold ours for $300

  2. Store them….

    Just In case something breaks and my warranty tries to mess around. Never know if can am would blame something breaking on larger wheels and tires and try not to cover something.

  3. Anyone have a set for sale in or near south ga?

  4. I generally swap them for my mud tires when we go ride.

  5. I keep mine for warranty purposes. That being said, I have the xmr model. The tires don't suck too bad.

  6. I'm not going bigger and would be interested

  7. I give them to friends/relatives.

  8. Not everyone , when needed I would certainly be interested in factory tires at a deep deep DEEP discount

  9. I would take a set of stock if they were close and a good price but I'm guessing shipping would be killer

  10. I love my stock no plans on going bigger 3000 miles and just showing wear

  11. Posted my stock tires for I think $200 and never got the first bite. I don't think there is a market on these pages because everyone is going bigger

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