I have jakes A arms and pucks on my hd8 max


Guys and gals have a question. I have jakes A arms and pucks on my hd8 max. Was thinking of ordering the s3 springs. Question i have is if i do order them do i need to put the pucks in them? I dont want to lose any lift but even with the pucks i feel like the stock springs are sagging too much.

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  1. Let us (S3 Power Sports) know if we can help you out. Our HD springs are the JAM!!


  2. I recently sold my HD8 with a similar set up. Had Highlifter 2” pucks, then upgraded to Jakes arms and S3 springs. Didn't loose any lift. In fact, I measured about 1/4” taller than before with the springs. I liked the ride better but it was noticeable stiffer. If you do a lot of high speed trail riding, may think twice. I mostly crawled and rode slow so I liked them.

  3. I just figured it was because it is the max and the extra weight didnt allow as much lift

  4. So i wont lose any lift that i got from the pucks? Some guys are running 35's with jakes A arms and pucks but my 33's rub when i turn hard

  5. We (S3 Power Sports) suggest to run the springs alone and not stack the pucks. Ride quality will suffer by doing the pucks also but some have done it. We just don't suggest it

  6. No pucks needed with the springs. Dustin Henderson can set you up.

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