Valve cover and pump seal was leaking (2019 800ex)


Alright guys I’m in need of some help I’m new to the sxs community my first machine is this 2019 800ex I bought it brand new it’s been at the local dealership for the past 3 weeks my valve cover was leaking water pump seal is leaking and a abnormal noise coming from the driver side on start up they told me they replaced the water pump seal valve cover gasket and that there was a nut loose on the clutch supposedly they replaced the loose nut so today I go to pick up my sxs and the weep tube for the water pump is still full of coolant which they told me several times they replaced they told me there was no need to remove the tube to replace the seal thats why there is still coolant In the tube and I’m pretty mechanically inclined I’ve worked here at are local Ford dealership for 4 years and plenty of mechanic background before hand and I know when a bolt has been taking out and put back in you can see scar marks from the socket not only that but there is a crush washer on the bottom of the water pump no marks what so ever on it and covered with surface dirt still so I bring my machine home and take the weep tube off of the water pump at idle there is still coolant dripping pretty good and an occasional small puff of smoke/(steam) maybe? and if you notice in the pictures below the clutch cover don’t seem like it’s been off bolts still covered in dirt im not sure what I need to do to get this taken care of I love the machine and it’s been great to me I’m just not having very good luck with my local dealership is there any way possible of ordering the seals and other parts I need to take care of the issues I’m having my self and how big of a job it would be to repair any help would be appreciated I hope to hear from some other CFMOTO dealers and what there input is on the situation

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  1. Super common for that tube to have coolant in it and weep coolant for first 100-200 miles. Takes that long for the seal inside to seat.

  2. I have 2400 miles on mine and replaced the coolant

  3. I’d keep a close eye on it and see if you loose any more coolant or oil. It probably came from the factory loose or the seals were pinched. Other then that I’d say trust your instincts especially if you know your shit, at the end of the day its still a gas motor.

  4. I have every symptom you do.. my dealer tells me everything is normal! Lol! I’m kinda screwed myself… just gonna drive it. I have 4yrs of warranty. But still pisses a guy off. My dad has the same rig but older. His doesn’t have a wheep hole and no knock on cold start like my clutches.. 🧐

  5. How’d you get such a long warranty my dealership only said mine came with 1 year warranty

  6. Call cfmoto America

  7. If you choose to do it you will need to drain oil drain coolant remove water pump cover remove speed sensor remove oil line remove crankcase cover the oil seal water seal and bearing are behind the little black gear in picture remove circlip remove gear remove pin washer remove seals and I used a pvc 3/4 coupling to press new seal in and re assemble I would also change crankcase gasket kinda pain in the ass

  8. Its unfortunate that your dealer seems to be shady. Not to be a downer, but just know that manufacturers will never send warranty parts to a customer. That’s not how manufacturers warranty coverage works. Just trying to keep you from having a frustrating phone call with them….

  9. Be weary of dealerships that sell CF Moto as well as Polaris or Can AM. For whatever reason they seem to be more likely to take care of Polaris or Can AM repairs but do not actually repair the CF Motos many times. Maybe it’s because of kickbacks from the other companies or that the profit margins are better because of such an aftermarket availability for those machines. They may be trying to give CF Moto a bad name in the area so that more people only purchase the high dollar Polaris or Can AM. Some dealers are pretty underhanded and some can be bought and only sell CF Moto so that they can give it a bad rap.

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