Zforce 800 2015 Fuel level question


Zforce 800 2015 Fuel level question. Anyone notice the first 1/2 of tank lasts a long time but once you get 3 bars or lower it drops off a cliff. It seems like the gauge isnt very linear. Ran out of gas because the last 3 bars barely lasted 20 miles.

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  1. I get what everyone is saying about the tank being tapered. However last time I looked at the tank it should be the opposite way if anything by the shape it is. And it was more of a question if other people noticed it or if I have to look into the sender and see if theres a problem

  2. Maybe bottom part of the tank is smaller, picture a tank on a highway tractor, it's a tube, fuel goes fast when full, slows down when mid tank and last 1/3 again goes fast. It's the shape of the tank that determines at what fuel level the tank has the most volume.

  3. Normal trail riding I get around 100-110 miles. But I was in Arizona and did 25 miles of super slow rock crawling then wide open flat land and ran out at 68 total miles. At 25 miles I was still at 3/4.

  4. Base line your machines gas consumption to completely empty. Go from there

  5. Mine zforce 1000 seems fairly accurate. I have ridden for hours non stop with the fuel light blinking trying to make it back lol. I did discover if you fuel it while the engine is running the gauge will not read correctly.

  6. My 2017 Z8 is very linear and still has ~2 gallons when it starts blinking the low fuel warning.

  7. Must have been designed by polaris .

  8. My truck is like that too

  9. bottom of the tank is probably tapered

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