Thinking about de-catting my 2011 Ultra


Thinking about de-catting my 2011 Ultra. Anyone else removed the cat converter from the head pipes? Let me know how easy/difficult it was. What method did you use? Any tips/tricks to share?

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  1. I have a head pipe with cat removed already for sale of a 2010 ultra

  2. I bought a stock pipe already gutted. The bike runs much cooler with it. Highly recommended!

  3. It’s not a hard job to do it’s getting it welded back together that’s the difficult part do not go the drilling out route doesn’t get it all out

  4. Did mine 2010 and 2013 ultra classic limited. First one I removed headpipe and clamped it in a vise to secure then drilled out the cat starting with a half inch drill then up to a one inch drill bit. Just punching holes in it at first then hammer and chisel to remove. Chisel/Work the edges all around and it comes out pretty easy in big chunks. Second one I did I just removed mufflers and did it right on the bike. Took about an hour total. Easy peasy.

  5. Did it on my 2011. Removed the head pipe and used a drill and chisel. Got it all out. About 1 hr.

  6. Thanks for the recommendations! Sounds like my winter project list just got a little bigger!

  7. There is a guy who removed the cat on a M8 2017 then put it on a dynamometer Did’t get a significant HP jump but it did run cooler. As soon as the warranty is up I’m going to remove the cat. Only cause the new 2017 bike runs very hot

  8. Just take all the bolts out move everything out the way and pull them off

  9. After doing some more research, I plan on pulling everything off and working it on a bench.

  10. If its the same as a 13 ultra like mine it was easy enough to cut a rectangle out of the side and dig it all out then get the plate tigged back in. Much much cooler

  11. That’s the first thing I did with 12 and 15 it makes such a massive difference.

  12. Remover head pipe, sawzall thru weld on both ends of cat. Make a cut on top, pry open and peel cat out. Clamp together and reweld. Very easy. Did 12 switchback 2 15 ultra limited, much cooler

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