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Recommendations for LIGHTWEIGHT and comfortable knee braces. I won’t wear them at all if they’re too big and heavy. So i figured something lightweight is better than nothing at all

Robert Smith:


I’ve got the Leatt C-fram carbons. Putting them on properly takes some effort at first, and you have to fit them when you first get them. The hard parts above the knee are adjustable with a provided allen wrench. Right out of the box they did not fit my big fat legs. Watched the video and followed the directions and they fit great. Have to cinch the straps in the right order and on the right part of the leg. Once I got the hang of it I quit noticing them, except when I do something that I know would have twisted my 50 year old former Airborne knees, and I’m fine.

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  1. I wear alpinstar carbon but mobius seem to be the most popular.

  2. P.O.D. They look big but are very comfortable.\nThe nice thing about them is the patella cup is removable so you can use it for other sports without looking like a dork.

  3. TLD or pods are both comfortable for me

  4. They’re nice but I still tore my acl… soo if you want better protection I’d say go other route.

  5. You will get used to whatever you pick as long as you commit to it and keep wearing them. They all suck when you first start wearing them.

  6. Get something with velcro straps, my old Asterisks have buckles, cant stand them

  7. There is a difference between a knee guard and a knee brace

  8. I can wear my Asterisks all day and they definitely saved me from knee surgery.

  9. Mobius… Dont even notice you have them on. And there not much wider than your knee

  10. I love my asterisk cells, been wearing them for 7 years. On my 2nd set, they will last a very long time.

  11. Asterisk Ultra Cells or CTI custom.

  12. I have some basically new möbius x8 for sale cheap if you go that route.

  13. The most important thing about a knee brace (not knee guard) is that it fits well. I tried Leatt, Mobius, and POD. The PODs were the only ones that fit me properly. \n\nPs. My knee orthopedist (treats NYC pro athletes) was impressed with the PODs FWIW.

  14. What do braces do? Protect from hyper extention? Or from impacts? I wrecked my knee up pretty good into a tree and I’m looking for some more protective gear for next season

  15. Who has a suggestion for thick thighs ? My cells are really too small

  16. EVS , they make a few different models and are affordable.

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