CFMoto Hard Starting in Cold Temperature


Question concerning hard starting in cold temperature. Seems like I need to turn key on until fuel pump primes, then turn off and repeat. After 3 or 4 prime cycles it starts perfect. Anyone else had this issue? 2019Cforce 500S.

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  1. I have to do this with my zforce 1000. Haven’t found a fix or workaround yet but I’ve hardly had it a month.

    • I have the same issue with my zforce. It started at around 1000km, most of the time it takes 3-4 times to start. Dealer was no help. They changed air filter, spark plugs and clean the MAS at my expense and basically told me it could be a million things and to take it back home

  2. I’ve found that if I turn key to run and leave it for about a minute or two it fires right up. Don’t know why. 2019 cf600

    • I tired this yesterday morning and it worked. Sitting outside overnight and temp was about 30*. Waited till fuel pump shut off and waited another 30 seconds, fired right up. If this works every time I probably won’t pursue recall. Thanks.

    • good. I’ve actually got to where I wait for about a full minute or even a little more if it’s cold out and it works every time for me

  3. I’ve used the magnetic block heater when it’s super cold and it starts right up

  4. Drop mine off at the shop to be fixed because of that problem called me and told me to ECU needed to be reflashed there is a recall on them

  5. Our 2021 500s fires up after one key cycle of letting pump run.

  6. Your local dealer can have the ECM re-flashed at no charge. There is a bulletin on it.

  7. My ’18 500s was this way for awhile, I was letting it prime 3 times then would start right up and run perfect. But I’ve more recently noticed I can simply turn the key on and wait like 20 seconds and it fires right up. Try too soon and it would just turn and turn but wouldn’t fire

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