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Question for the women. Have any of you ridden alone across country and camped instead of finding motels? I have kids all across the US and I want to ride to visit, but motels get expensive. Did you ever have any problems?

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  1. Ma’am my only input is if you do this please pack some heat there are crazy people out there

  2. Not a lady but check out bunk a biker.

  3. Yes, no problems beyond some wildlife. I traveled for a year and camped nearly every night.

  4. KOA camp grounds are relatively cheap for tent camping nice clean camping think they are pretty safe . Loads of them in every state

  5. I’ve been living on my motorcycle for 3.5 years with no problems. I only camp or stay with strangers who are about to be friends.

  6. I travel across the us on the motorcycle and camp. Research your route and make a camping reservation at each stop. I do it all the time

  7. I haven’t yet…gone alone that is, but y’all have truly inspired me to go for it!

  8. I did thirteen states in nine days. I stayed in state parks. Never stayed in a hotel room. I slept on the ground, without setting up my tent, six out of the nine days. Beer at camp might have been the reason I slept on the ground.

  9. I have not but a good friemd of mine does it every summer. Of course she is 6 ft and with all her gear and helmet on, you might mistake her for a thin man. But camping has never been an issue for her.

  10. Watch "on her bike" channel on YouTube, she rides the whole world solo,camping. It’s super cool

  11. Find a good ca.p grounds

  12. Go to Minimalist motorcycle vagabond.

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