Switching to the dark side and getting a CBR1000RR


What’s up everyone. Thinking about switching to the dark side and getting a 2008 CBR1000RR. Anything I should know in advance about mods, maintenance, things that need to be done ASAP if it comes stock. I’m coming from a 2008 ZX10R.

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  1. A percentage of 2008-2011 bikes burn oil. Not all but some. Some had crank warp. Overall it’s an okay bike. Can be bought really cheap and if you are good at mechanics you can spot the bad ones.

    • Yeah my current bike burns oil like crazy too. Never had a big issue with them. All CBRs are pretty cheap minus 2012+ so I’m not worried about the 2011 and below.

  2. One of the baddest 08s in the streets…and has the best of the best motor wise

  3. Get an 06-07. Best blades ever made.

  4. I bought a 07 new and loved that bike but when I went to and 08 way better just find a good one

  5. My 06 now??? not FTW

  6. Bought my 08 used and never had a problem. Only problem i had was leaking forks that i fixed with a seal mate…. Not all 08+ burn oil. Just gotta find the right one.

  7. Love my 14. Great bike. I’d probably stay away from an 08.

  8. I love it when people call the ’07 models slow compared to newer ones ?

  9. 36k miles amd climbing strong on my first batch oil burning crank whining beast. Just pay attention to oil level like ya should on any vehicle. The 06 07 is by far the most dependable motor they made BUT ill put my oil burner against any bolt on 06 07 out there and spank that ass. Its a honda for christs sakes and will run forever its all in how ya maintain it.

  10. 07 or bust. 2012 are nice too.

  11. Came from a 08zx10r to a 07 cbr1000rr. The kawi has more power but the cbr is a good bike too.

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