Japan’s auction sites for RVF parts


Thinking of checking out these yahoo japan’s auction sites for rvf parts… Anyone have any ideas as to which ones are good and not so good? Also, do they deliver to anywhere in the world?

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  1. Check out the Unobtanium Facebook page. Guy there bids and ships for you.

  2. Ive used import monster. Great service. You need to create an account and use cc to transfer $$ into your import monster acc. They then bid on your behalf and then confirm the final price to you including taxes etc. Jesse Streeter is also another one which ive heard handles multiple items better. There are plenty of parts but you need to know your exchange rate and factor in the taxes and delivery charges which often doubles your item costs. So be careful but there can be bargins if your prepared to trawl thru the pages. I saw a set of brand new rvf oem tail fairings the other day still in honda boxes and wraped up. Rt colour scheme. Wasnt cheap tho, about $520aud before fees.

  3. I had a friend living in Japan who would buy stuff for me and ship it. He has returned to the UK now so I use Jauce but it is expensive. But you may well find what you need on it though…

  4. Im in aus. Have used import monster but it works out expensive with all the fees

  5. Thanks guys. I checked out Jauce, had a decent amount of listings for rvf400 etc so might check it out further.

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