So I want the Defender xmr 1000 camo


So I want the Defender xmr 1000 camo
Should I buy the 2018 or wait and get the 2019???? I have to order both. 2018 is about a 4 week wait and the 2019 is about 8 weeks?

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  1. I just bought a 18 xmr for 16899 in stock I love it would never trade it I jumped from a 14 rzr 800s an it's not as fast but will deffinently put it to shame no regrets what so ever

  2. I just got the 18 camo they didn't change much on the 19. Decal on the yellow they said there's 1.5” diff in ground clearance but no one knows for sure . Even asked can am directly.

  3. What's the price difference would be my first question.

  4. They also used bigger diameter shocks and more towing and payload on the 19's as well

  5. Y'all please don't start the TURF mode drama!
    This is Canam let's give them a chance to prove that they can out engineer poo laris
    My 16 HD10 XT
    Had a rear differential you could unlock. That thing was a blast to drive. I could hang with four wheelers on tight trails.

  6. Depends on what you want. Get a better deal on an 18 and the new xmr is adding turf mode and some other traction modes to it. Glad I got the 18 cuz to me that's just some potential that could break. As for a lot more maneuverable on the trail. I would be surprised it would make that much of a difference. I have the xmr and it is still surprisingly nimble on the trail

  7. 19 will have a rear differential that unlocks
    It will be way more maneuverable on trails

  8. I would wait the 8 weeks. What is 4 weeks difference to get a year newer unit.

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