How many members of this forum are running the D5?


Just curious. How many members of this forum are running the D5 and finding that it meets their expectations. I know I am most pleased with mine. Many of the other forums are all D8 and D10’s and so many members are really into the major modiification of their SxS. With all of the forums if you have an issue the members do their best to help you out with great suggestions and this one is no exception. Thanks Kyle for setting this up.

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  1. I was on the fence with an 8 or 10, all
    The 8 on the lot were 17's and almost same price as the 16 HD10. I opted for the 10 for the power to push snow. If it weren't for snow pushing I'm
    Sure I'd be more than happy with a 5 or an 8

  2. HD5 owner here. Does everything we ask it to do.

  3. Yes, for sure. But in my terrain, if I had a jacked up mud buggy. It would be on it's roof more often than not. We don't really have mud, mostly gravel and rock. But ya, they look awesome. And I love mudding, just not an option here.

  4. Exactly lol, don't get me wrong I do drool over the pimped out Defenders.

  5. This is a Defender group. Defenders come in 5, 8 and 10. So this group covers all Defenders. Defenders are about work just as much as play

  6. I'm actually the one that set this up for those exact reasons. I have Kyle assisting. We won't let any bashing go on in here and will do everything possible to help. I've been in the ATV industry for 32 years.

  7. I'm new to this particular group, looks pretty stellar so far. I do have a HD10, but like you it sounds We bought it to do a Job. If it meets your needs that's all that matters. Solid machines 5,8 or 10s

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