Should I buy a GS or the Adventure?


Hi guys I have to make a difficult decision. I wanna buy me a GS… My question is, should I buy a GS or the Adventure? Any experience u wanna share with me? Any recommendations ? Now I do drive a S1000RR, so hope you can see how difficult it is for me…. It's not only a small step for a man ….

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  1. Go for GSA for sure. This way you will have the two extremes and enjoy both at their full potential.

  2. Go for the adventure. More gear is only ever a good thing.

  3. Depends on what you want to do. Had my GS for 4 1/2 years now and have been many places on and off road, 2 up with my gal and camp gear. Couldn’t be happier. Still get around 350km to a tank fully loaded.

  4. What about the 1000XR

  5. Had first a GS for a year and changed to GSA this year-the big beast has an even better handling and the engine is just sweet, it let’s you do easy touring as well as serious sporting. It is too heavy for real off-road, but I didn’t regret it for a second. Just check the height on a test ride if you are shorter than 180cm

  6. GS is lighter, easier on bad roads. GSA is noticeably bulkier and heavier. XR might suit you better, it’s amazing.

  7. To be fair the XR looks like a brilliant piece of kit!

  8. Gsa if you want to ride 400+ km on paved roads without stopping. GS if you want to go offroad

  9. Always the GS, The adventure rides like a pregnant cow. Too heavy too slow. The GSA is mostly bought by those who have a midlife crisis to show off. The GS is far more a true rider machine….


    Go for GSA awesome machine

  10. GSA for Fuel capacity.

  11. S1000XR.Best bike!

  12. Erik a mid life crisis we are all bikers here stop the typecasting

  13. Pfffffffffffffffff

  14. I rode the R1200GS TE and Adventure back to back when my daughter was looking to buy a bike. I was surprised how much I disliked the Adv in comparison with the TE. Simple advice therefore is to forget the on-paper comparison and ride both then go with the one you like best.

  15. Thats a big change of category…superbike to all-road.. I agree whit Norbert Braun… Go for the s1000xr

  16. My Problem is I’m looking for an all round companion. For a daily trip to supermarket and also for a trip through the mountains and special for long trips. My next trip goes to the street of Gibraltar and the trip is minimum 5000 kilo meters. So the XR I tried it already twice and it is like the RR, it’s ready to race but you are always toooooo fast… That’s the reason for my decision of GS or the ADV… Thanks to all guys for your support … I going to call my BMW Dealer if I made a decision

  17. 800GSA? Wont be too fast but still does the job πŸ™‚

  18. I had both , both LC, and I love more and by far the adventure …
    diffrent engine mapping different center of gravity (lower) I felt a big difference yet I assumed was only a bigger fuel tank;
    Getting a normal GD, add to it crash bars, extra fog lights and the price will be almost the same πŸ™‚
    Adventure all the way

  19. Buy an Adventure if you really need a tank for one million miles. It’s a great bike but much heavier, bigger and difficult to use in cities than the regular GS. Regular GS with some good equipment is my favorite.

  20. THANKS GUY’s for all your support. I already called my BMW Dealer and I ordered the ADV …. See’ll be mine next week I’m happy

  21. No problems with 177cm πŸ™‚

  22. So i’m 190 …. I think ist Fine cz i tried the normal GS without problems. I had more problems with the new XR

  23. the Adventure for sure πŸ˜‰ I hade both u263aufe0f the GS for a year the new adventure is just different
    I’m 189 u263aufe0f
    Best is try both you will feel it
    Adv is with full Guards

  24. Been on sports bikes for 12 years and bought my first GS LC.. took me a while to learn how to really ride it as I ride mainly with sports bikes.. 1 year on ..11k miles.. New GS TE picked up last week and totally hooked.. The GS is a weapon in the twisties but takes time to re learn your riding.. For me it took a good 5000 miles to get the hang of it and I ride all year round.. BMW on form XR very good too!

  25. Thanks guy’s for all you support …. Today I got my baby ….

  26. Hi, tried both. Must say Adventure has so much more flexibility. Not only off road, but due to the better gimbal mounting it is much smoother and runs more stabil.

  27. Adventure is the option for me. Just for the 30L tank I made my decision. More of many things you get with the Adventure. The GS is excelent too, but you could regret not having some features from the Adventure that cannot be installed aftermarket. I’m 1.75 m, not a decision parameter.

  28. Nice decision!

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