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Hi folks, I’m looking for some ideas and advice. I live in the Scottish central belt I am looking to go on a road trip with my R1150RT to Oslo in Norway. I realised there are no ferries from the UK, putting pay to that option, so looking at riding to Denmark. This will be a first cross border trip for me on the bike so I’m hoping you can offer a does and don’ts, routes and sites along the way. Cheers, Michael

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  1. Ferry from Newcastle is your best option Mick used it few times leaves Sunday 5pm lands Monday morning 9am in the Netherlands ??. Ps am Cumbernauld

  2. Newcastle then up through Denmark then ferry across.

  3. Hi Michael! I was just chatting to some one on going over to the Nordics, definitely going over from Denmark (can use the bridge/tunnel) forget which. Then either ferry from hull or Newcastle, depending on price. Hill is only hour or so further. PY

  4. Recent article in MCN was v. informative, pricy everything, watch out for zealous policing in cities, further north you go you have to check timings for short hop ferries as you don’t want to be stranded waiting for next ferry. Obviously take weather appropriate clothing.

  5. Ferry from Newcastle to Ijmuiden or Hull to Hook of HOLLAND. Then north via Hamburg to Denmark. Ferry from Hirtsjalls to Norway. Riding all that way, I would stay a while and head for the Lofotens via the coastal route and avoiding the E6 traffic. Come back via Sweden and the bridge over to Denmark. Do it in July or August but be prepared for any weather. Camp or use hitter to save cash and buy from supermarkets and cook for yourself in campground kitchens. They all have them. Take your own booze if you must drink!

  6. Was in Norway this year, alas not on a bike. It’s fab. It’s true about the prices. The other thing that’s true is speeding fines. Going not far over 80kph netted my relation a €400 fine……very caveat very emptor. …

  7. from where you are why not do Iceland?

  8. Take plenty of cash…fish and chips on the quayside… £18.50

  9. Ride up through Germany, Denmark then ferry ( or for a slightly longer sail you can go from Germany (Kiel)direct to Oslo) there are some fantastic roads to ride very little traffic or police out side of the city’s ( keep your tank full as you can go a long way between petrol stations and some only take Statiol cards) there are plenty of back packer places to keep the cost down.

    • Beer wine and spirits are expensive food not to bad depending on where you want to eat, in Oslo watch the taxi drivers ( non original Norwegians ) as they can take you for a ride, most places you will get nicked for speeding is villages towns and city’s , but it is up to you how you ride, the roads are in fantastic condition how ever due to winter tires the city roads can get rutted, you will get nicked for filtering in traffic in Norway, pedestrians and bicyclists have absolutely right of way, give way to the right in city’s and towns unless you see a yellow diamond with a white border then you do not give way to the right.

  10. Take ferry Harwich to Hook,then ride true Holland en Germany.

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