Harley Davidson Electra Glide Radio Problem


Another question. About my radio. When engine is shut off, I get radio reception fairly decent, when I start it and get to moving, I loose reception. What would cause this other then my hidden antenna?

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  1. RF interference.

  2. Also location movement.

  3. What can I do to fix it?

  4. Radio is subject to location and RF interference. Not sure how to fix the radio reception directly but an alternative: I use a tiny bluetooth receiver plugged into my radio AUX input, set it to AUX and use my phone playing MP3 music thru it. Going thru canyons plays heck with radio reception. MP3 is not subject to dropouts (like radio) nor skipping (like CD/DVD).

  5. It’s still factory radio, just has the antenna under the fairing and I changed that out to a amplified antenna. Works pretty good when it’s shut off, just once you start it and move, it comes and goes real bad.

  6. I’ve also hooked my phone up to the aux port and it’s staticky and not very loud.

  7. Hooking it up directly should be crystal clear unless you are trying to use a WIFI or cellphone signal dependent service (Pandora or Spotify for example). Playing directly from your cellphone should be no different than playing via an AUX device on your home stereo. IF you are playing direct MP3’s via your phone via a connector to your AUX input and it is still has static (etc) then you have problem in the latter system. If so, I would guess the input AUX connector perhaps? Perhaps even the wire using to connect. The bluetooth way is cheap and easy. I got mine on Amazon for $16. Battery life is forever (30 hours they claim). I;ve not worn it out yet. And with an adapter and proper USB connector(s) you can charge either your phone and or your bluetooth device of ever needed.

    • May have to give that a try. I know my Bluetooth speaker is clear, but not the radio if I plug it directly in. I don’t mean to be a pain, I’m learning on these bike radios. This is my first one.

  8. If you got any LED lighting in a cause it.

  9. Spark plug wires need shielding?

  10. Is it a stock Harman Kardon Stereo? If so what year?

  11. Yes it’s a stock radio, 06

  12. Some years had a problem with the solder joint connections. Once they heat up they may lose contact with the vibration of the motor running.

  13. I have no idea what that is.

  14. The solder joint connections on the circuit board of the radio.

  15. Oh ok I’ll look at that next time I have it apart.

  16. Had to replace my stock radio with an aftermarket stereo for this reason on my 2013 Triglide. Harley wanted $1500.00 for a rebuilt stock Harman Kardon. Got a Pioneer installed for $400.00 bucks.

  17. I’d try and do it myself, just cause I’m not a fan of paying someone to work on my stuff if I can do it.

  18. Gotcha. wiring the hang grip controls was above my skill level.

  19. Yeah that would throw me too.
    I forgot about those.

  20. The hand controls are an additional wire harness. All plug and play.

  21. Good to know thanks.

  22. Some aftermarket units come with the harness to work all the handlebar controls. Aquatic, for example. You can also get a Hawg Wired kit that works with many head units to make everything work. Plug and play

  23. I have a 2017 Ultra Limited that had poor reception with the standard whip antenna. I changed it to the short antenna and reception was restored. I had the dealership check it and they could not fix it. I believe the factory antenna had the wrong impedance.

  24. Mine is in the fairing.

  25. I considered the fairing antenna, however the tech told me I would have better reception with the external. Before I changed antennas, I could walk around the bike and block the radio signal.

  26. It’s true.

  27. Try resistor type plugs?

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