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Looking for new riding boot recommendations. Go..

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  1. Bates tactical waterproof boots had them for years as they are the best I have ever owned

  2. Bates tactical waterproof boots had them for years as they are the best I have ever owned

  3. SIDI or Alpinestars….I went down doing 60 on a fire trail and I had my Alpinestars on without those I would have not been able to get out of there and I was 4 hours away from civilization. Don’t cut corners when it comes to your ride gear.

  4. Hard to believe this helped you narrow it down.

  5. What do you ride? \nWhere do you ride? \nWhen do you ride? \nHow do you ride? \nWhat’s more important, form or function? \nDo you pronate? Low arches? Wide foot? Run cold or hot? Use orthotics? What’s your budget? Prefer leather or synthetics???\nCome on man, narrow it down!

  6. The most comfortable ones you can afford , and walk a mile in too.

  7. Red Wing 607’s. I’ve worn the same pair since 2002. They were re-soled in 2016. I also have a pair of Red Wing Pecos boots I wear to the office. These are the only boots I can wear all day.

  8. Nothing beats a good old fashioned pair of cowboy boots… I just bought a new pair of Shark skin boots and treated them with a special leather conditioner made from beeswax. Haven’t had rain soak through yet!

  9. Danner Quarry. Ride all day and walk all night

  10. Redwing steel toe work boots

  11. Chippewa … really like mine …online …

  12. I recommend two.

  13. for best prices:Sport’s Guide catalog.Or Sierra Trading Post’s online store.

  14. X (Sportsman’s Guide)

  15. Lol my comment was marked as spam. Its info that not all red wings are made in USA anymore, look for the flag in the laces

  16. Lol my comment was marked as spam. Its info that not all red wings are made in USA anymore, look for the flag in the laces

  17. I wear a pair of Dan Post cowboy boots that are full waterproof. Very comfortable on and off the bike.

  18. Oh sure, you gotta lower the pegs a bit to shift, but it’s great for short guys on a huge 883

  19. Best all-around boot in general, imo, are Thorogood boots.

  20. I always look at it this way make sure you get a ride boot that will protect your leg from your knee all the way down your toes. You want to keep anything from breaking in that range if you go down.

  21. Harley-Davidson Stealth Performance boots

  22. I use Columbia, full leather hiking boots. I bought in Amazon. Sprayed with water proofing. Got sole for grip. Long tread wear.

  23. Justins , work boots .

  24. Chippewa either the Arctic or logger boot

  25. Ecco boots. $220 or so, waterproof, lightweight, feel like sneakers on the feet so you can jump off the bike and go for a hike with no problem. Long wearing, my first pair lasted 10 years and my second is going on 8 years. Disadvantage is poor ankle support, as in, virtually none.

  26. My Chippewa loggers have lasted me over 14 years. What more is there to say. Completely waterproof. Keep my feet warm. And always ready to go stomping through something.

  27. Irish setters

  28. Got these chippewas at the same time they’re the Arctic. The only boot you’ll ever see on my feet they have been tried and they have been proven. I don’t believe there is a better boot. Quite frankly I don’t know how these people stay in business making a boot that lasts over 14 years.

  29. Because Chippewas cost so much money they have to last but I will not buy any other boot

  30. I had a pair of old combat boots that I wore forever I finally decided it was time for a new pair of boots. I bought a pair of Harley boots but I would still wear my old boots 90% of the time. It was a sad day when I had to finally give up on them. Now days I wear Red Wings but not sure I would suggest them as by the time they are broke in the soul is gone. The company I use to work for provided a new pair ever year so I’m down to last pair. Might just go back to a pair of combat boots but I’m watching to see what everyone has to say. OH I don’t care about style all I care about is safety comfort and durability

  31. I alternate between a pair of Aerostich combat lites and a pair of Redwing Dynaforce (I think). The Aerostichs are great in the rain, the RedWings are good when I plan on doing a lot of walking around.

  32. I just picked up a pair of Alpinestars Belize oiled leather boots. I’ll let you know how it goes.

  33. Check out workingperson.com for them.

  34. I wear a pair of Justin’s that are steel toe and water proof. Awesome boots

  35. Stylmartin boots

  36. Sidi Canyon. Awesome boots. They’re not hiking boots though.

  37. Swat, Light, zippers in the side, My second pair, worn a lot, going on 4th year. Sometimes on sale on line under a 100

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