Does anyone have any recommendations regarding a specific vest?


Not a camping question, but a question that involves riding to camp. As summer approaches, wearing a jacket gets a little warm. I would like to stay somewhat protected. I was considering a vest that is armored. What are peoples thoughts about using this type of protection and does anyone have any recommendations regarding a specific vest?

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  1. A mesh jacket with armor. Check the comments in web sites. They let the air through but still protected

  2. H D Panhead Jacket… has no logos… sleeves are removable… so l wear the vest and throw the sleeves in the saddlebag if I.m gonna be gone for nite or more… or heading up to the 5600 ft elevations

  3. Sad to say I never tried any of the armour items. I wear white longsleeve cotton pullovers.

  4. Sleeveless shirt for me

  5. I wear an armoured mesh jacket and armoured mesh pants. As long as I am moving it is fine.

  6. Ditto the armored mesh jacket. A vest won’t save the skin on your arms if the unthinkable happens.

  7. I use and like the Joe Rocket mesh jackets. They seem to have a wider mesh then other textiles and provide much better air flow. One tip… buy it a little big rather than snug, If a mesh jacket is too snug, no airflow really happens.

  8. Most jackets are armored to protect 5 places from impact: spine, shoulders, and elbows. A vest would only protect 20%. A better vented or mesh jacket is needed if you wish to maintain protection.

  9. people must think you can go down only when you are fully protected, so if you are in shorts and t-shirt, no way you’re going to have a spill.

  10. Verious Options Mesh Jacket, Take lining out of jacket, for 2

  11. Lots of jackets out there that are well vented, well armored and made for riding in hot weather. Some even have a waterproof liner that you can put on if you get caught out in some rain.

  12. Another for Mesh/vented gear with Armor.\n#ATGATT \nFYI : try wearing a moisture-wicking shirt underneath and pre wet it .

  13. Coronado leather. Only way to go

  14. Mesh jacket with armor (mine is First Gear, cheap and good for 2 years so far) take lining out and put wet towel around neck and shoulders under the jacket..nature’s A/C!

  15. Yep – mesh – good stuff and you can get a cooling vest to wear beneath. Rode cross country in mid 90 degrees stayed reasonably comfortable. Only downside is it dries out in about 60 to 90 minutes.

  16. I use a cooling vest but I also have a large bottle of water that I sip a little and then pour a little onto the vest.

  17. Depends upon your comfort level with road rash. That being said there’s times folks take a calculated risk. Throw the dice, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

  18. Mesh jacket and if really warm, cooling undershirt, the kind you wet first and it works thru evaporative cooling really well.

  19. I’m only comfortable if I have my gear on. No matter how hot.


  21. Joe Rocket Phoenix Ion jacket- actually cooler to wear on hot, sunny days than just a t shirt; you’re shaded but it flows very well.

  22. Draggin Gear makes cool shirts , mesh shirts with armor. A friend and his wife wear theirs all the time, esp when they lived in Arizona.

  23. I bought this last year….I’ve worn it as low as 20 degrees (farenheight….and I’m sure I could have ridden comfortable into the teens if I’d had the opportunity) and as hot as 90f… complaints. It’s a three piece system that works flawlessly. I haven’t used it in the rain yet, but I have no doubt it’ll do what it’s supposed to do….

  24. Bohn armor also makes a mesh armor shirt and leggings. I have worn it under a leather vest in hot weather for riding and felt secure and cool. Me in the foreground on a summer day in MIchigan wearing the Bohn armor shirt and leather vest.

  25. I have the armored vest you can take out the inner lining and still you nice and cool and the great thing about it is you will not get sunburned


  27. Vest isn’t going to do crap for your wrists, forearms, elbows or shoulders. Your elbows & shoulders are the only spots on a jacket that are armored for a reason.

  28. mesh armored jacket…

  29. Mesh summer jacket for sure. Some have the armour pockets if you want added protection. When it’s extremely hot, just wet your t-shirt and put on the mesh jacket. Its like riding with air conditioning!

  30. I use a Harley Davidson mesh jacket that lets the air flow through.

  31. Thanks everyone for your thoughts. I’ve been talked out of a vest. Going to take a good look at the mesh.

  32. I love my Joe Rocket Phoenix 5.0 jacket, very comfortable in hot weather, and has armor in shoulders, elbows and back. Google for best pricing.

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