Removing The Foam From Under The Tank


I’ve seen a few comments removing the foam from under the tank. It’s claimed to add a few ponies. Does it? Has anyone done this mod to a standard bike?

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  1. I’ve heard this before too. What purpose does the foam serve? Why did Yamaha put it there?

  2. Whipped mine out (snigger) when I had the ECU flashed. It removes the obstruction into the air box.

  3. I took the Tank of the other day n saw the foam but I couldn’t figure out why it was there!

  4. My bad I thought you meant for weight loss. Probably it’s manufacturers way of helping to get in the right air to fuel ratio. Still strange place to put foam to do it.

  5. Think it’s there to stop water splash into air box ?

  6. Not an issue, unless you’re fording rivers. I’ve ridden in biblical rain and it’s been fine.

  7. Could it be there for sound deadening?.

  8. I was doing throttle body synchronization and since tank was off I decided as per 2wheeldynoworks instructions to peal front foam off. Since I cut Akrapovic silencer at the same time can’t tell that notice sound change only because the foam…. Foam is for sound dampening and is unnecessary since by removing it you allow more air. Rest of the foam around air filter is untouched.

  9. No, same reason a “high flow” Filter wont give more power.

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