ZX6R OES Frame Sliders


Question for people with OES frame sliders. Does the left side rotate (puck) if you try and rotate it with some strength?

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Answers ( 11 )

  1. I would think no buck should do that once you torque it.

  2. On my ’12 mine dont spin.

  3. If you twist it with enough force the slider will rotate. I would say it’s normal. My Shogun sliders do the same thing. It’s not easy to rotate unless I twist it really hard. It’s pretty much a cylinder that is torque down with a bolt. Not much friction to keep it from rotating.

  4. My sliders rotated. Tighten to spec and call it good. I wouldn’t over do it. Pretty sure they screw into aluminum threads.

  5. Yes they will rotate with some force applied. Ive spun them lefty loosey and the bolt never moved, its normal. Torque down to recommended engine mount specs & should be good to go.

  6. My 11 didn’t spin but upgrade to impactek cage.

  7. I’d expect them to with enough force if the bolts aren’t over-torqued since the only thing stopping them is the friction between the plastic slider and the frame.

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