Rear shock adjustment on zf800 trail


Rear shock adjustment on zf800 trail. What does the adjuster do, rebound? More importantly how does it work? Is the shaft hollow? I am just not seeing how it would do anything unless the shaft is hollow.

Rear shock adjustment on zf800 trail

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  1. Internal valving

  2. The red wheel is rebound, but in reality it affects compression as well.

  3. So is the shaft hollow?

  4. So what is the setting for the softest ride? My wife always says it rides to rough.

  5. Following

  6. Take off swaybar. Set adjustment to full soft. Can also add a lift and adjust the preload up for an even better ride.

  7. Check out ‘red neck garage’ …if you don’t want to lose ride height, get the cheap RZR 2′ lift from amazon. Turn preload way down to return to near stock height and follow his adjustment recomendations. I didn’t add the RZR lift yet so I only turned my preload about a third of what he did and adjusted the rebound and compression the same as he did and it was big improvement . No longer need to brace and grimace when we see a little pot hole, it just floats right thru

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