R1 tire pressures on 32 and 26?


I'm planning on running my tire pressures on 32 psi cold Front and 26 psi cold Rear, is it good to use on the street? And can it handle if I have a 1-up? Any suggestions?

R1 tire pressures on 32 and 26?

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  1. You’ll wear out your tyre prematurely. Run it 34 34

  2. 34 summer both 36 winter.

  3. 28 front and rear rear on the road.. never put them up from track and they’re not wearing out either

  4. One running 34 in both question what tyre pressure gauges are you all using

  5. I run 2 under with nitro. It’s free at work so why not.

  6. 28 front 26 rear nice an more grips where’s out nice

  7. That seems pretty low for every day riding buddy. On the street I ride 34/34. Also depends on the tire. Pirelli has a softer carcass and the front gets unstable under 30 psi in my opinion. You could probably get away with your pressures running Q3’s with that stiffer sidewall but I still think running under 30/30 on the street is weird.

  8. 32F 30R for me..

  9. 30f/28r cold Q3+ no problems. Only 1 up though. I would run more for a passenger or load…

  10. For street you want more pressure usually than for the track. 28-30 lbs for the track cold and closer to 30-34 street.

  11. The idea of running low pressure is that obviously the tire will heat up and gain pressure. 26 rear is far too low unless you are on a track for street use. It will just be horrible to handle. I’d run 34 or 36 rear on street and 26 rear on track. But do what you want this is only my advice I’ve not been riding for a few years. Certainly wouldn’t rise that low 2 up there’s no point.

  12. No good for twisties which is what riding a sports bike is about. You want handling not drag strips and wheelies! Still do wheelies anyway. But having chicken strips is inexcusable lol

  13. I know this is going to sound mental and crazy but funnily enough I use 36 front and 42 rear as per manufacturers recommendations. I know that the people who come up with these figures after vigorous testing in all conditions are scenarios don’t really know what they’re talking about but I’ve found using their recommendations for the last 20 years on the road has been pretty good. But that’s just me.

  14. Way too low in the rear for street riding in my opinion. I’m usually around 32-34 front and 34-36 rear. Heck depending on the tire might be too low for the track too, but I haven’t been there since 2009.

  15. Depends if you’re trying to best your lap times on going to your local supermarket. You’ll just needlessly waste rubber. But if you have the green backs to spend on tires every few months then yeah, do what ever makes you happy.

  16. Whats everybody location as air and road temps surely make a difference here in uk i run 36/42 psi and if i was to lower psi to twentyxxx psi im sure would not handle good here

  17. Run whatever you feel comfortable with it’s your set up and you can feel what’s going on prob wouldn’t go much Lower though

  18. I like 31/29…….. high 30’s is too slippery..

  19. What kind of tires?

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