2008 R1 Lowering


I have this 08 r1 and I was looking Into lowering it a little bit but I was reading it destroys handling? Is this true and also what is the correct way to go about this if I do? Sorry this is my first bike.

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  1. The question is, why lower the bike? Just put one foot on the back brake and one on the ground for the 1u0025 of the time you’ll be stopped. The other 99u0025of the time, you’ll be riding and glad your suspension geometry is correct

  2. I’m tall enough for it. I can have both feet on the ground, not flat foot but close. Just liked the look but didn’t want to do it if it will screw it up.

  3. Sorry peeps wrong post .nice bike by the way

  4. Lmao. But thanks

  5. I’m 5’4 and ride 16′ R1. Learn balance and 1 foot that bitch.

  6. I don’t have that issue. Just like the look

  7. leave it alone. youll thank us

  8. Lol ok. I didn’t really think it would screw with it that much if it was dropped evenly

  9. What’s your goals for lowering it…?

  10. I bought a r6 that was lowered and scrapped the foot peg constantly and I wasn’t riding hard by any means I changed the link on the strut to raise it back up rode much better

  11. So Chad look these pics does this mean my bike was lowered before I got it. What part of handling does it hurt.

  12. A slight lowering doesn’t screw up handling, I’ve had stock and lowered and honestly can hardly tell a difference.

  13. Jason Hoshor it does. It limits suspension travel, leading to most people with lowered bikes having to run suspension that is too stiff. Ive never had a lowered bike keep up in the mountains without crashing. Making hard contact when youre leaned over in a turn is a formula for a bad day. Also leads to damaging headers,belly pans, and if you’re really unlucky, oil pans.

  14. Im 5’6 and i can tip toe it but for backing up it sucks want to lower it .5 to 1 inch dont really get low in turns,just lowered my brothers r6 that i couldnt even barely touch the ground 3 inxhes and i can now flatfoot feels great,final say is handling wont change at all unless you get really low,my brothers lowered r6 doesnt feel any different

  15. I bought my bike lowered 3" rear, 1"front. Looked great, definitely handled way differently than when i dropped the forks down and put oe link plates on it

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