My cover melted onto my exhaust


My cover melted onto my exhaust. I looked up that the best remedy is Easyoff… ive applied it three times with not much change…. I’ leave it overnight and see if that does it. Any suggestions?





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  1. I was lucky I guess. A plastic bag melted on my pipes and I had no idea how to get it off, I was pissed. Surprisingly, I peeled it off, very carefully, with my knife!

  2. Scrape it off with a penny.

  3. It worked great for me

  4. Angle grinder

  5. 0000 steel wool. Will get it off just don’t go in a circular motion.

  6. Use a nickel it’s slow but it won’t scratch it

  7. Drive it to Minot ND leave it out side in -20degree weather. Then plastic will be brittle enough to chip off. Or Wisconsin if you want good beer brats and cheese

  8. 0000 steel wool

  9. So, I heated the pipes up to 200 F and reapplied the EasyOff….still nothing….I tried the lemon and the aluminum foil, which by the way is a trick I use to clean the cast iron dutch oven with the scouts….the abrasive tin foil helped, but still sticking on. I tried the Goo stuff, nope. Tried the chrome cleaner…..nope.

  10. Tried the copper penny…….had to wear gloves….it helped some, but still a lot there.

  11. I’ll try the 0000 steel wool, but after seeing and hearing about the after market slip ons…I think I will be getting rid of these anyways….still it is good to know what works.

  12. Get the exhaust hot, use a water soaked rag to get as much of the melted cover off as you can. Let the exhaust cool and use 0000 steel wool and mineral spirits, works every time… the chrome may need a little polishing after but it will take off the melted cover.

  13. Just go ride until it’s gone don’t waste riding time on small details.

  14. 0000 steell wood and WD 40 and Time to waste , the result will be perfect

  15. Fine steel wool !!!!!! Had the exact same thing !!!! Nothing beats steel wool !!!!

  16. never dull polish

  17. I have used a plastic scrubber with WD40 to remove melted plastic and rubber from pipes. Works well and doesn’t scratch.

  18. Coke, the drinkable kind. Steel wool

  19. I plugged my battery tender in before the pipes had cooled and melted a little of the cord onto one of my pipes. I used a little Maguire’s motorcycle all metal polish, a microfiber towel and a lot of elbow grease. Be careful though.

  20. Try a penny. Heat up your exhaust and scrape it off with a penny. It’s softer than the metal on your pipes and will not scratch

  21. Easy-Off dissolves food not plastic. I’ve melted my helmet strap more then once to my pipes, I start the bike to soften the mess then scrap as much off as I can with a wooden scraper, Then use some chrome polish to finish. I wouldn’t recommend using and steel wool

  22. Cut that section of the pipe out turn it to the back and weld it back in place

  23. I used a moisturizing hand lotion to remove baked-on deer bits from my pipes.

  24. Heat up the pipes and then a wooden scrapper to get the worst of, then good old auto solve polish and elbow grease. It will eventually shift it

  25. Time for some new slip ons

  26. DO what Joe Red said! No matter how fine the steel wool, it will still leave micro scratches.

  27. Never listen to strangers on facebook!

  28. Having just done this, I tried almost everything with no luck. I get these at the dollar store to use on my smoker. This and some WD40 and done in minutes with no scratches at all.

  29. Lighter fluid and elbow grease !

  30. Daddy needs a new set of slip ons!

  31. Another great trick for caste iron

  32. Exactly what happened to mine at one day old couldn’t find anything to get it off

  33. I’ve used aluminum foil with WD40, won’t scratch chrome.

  34. Get stage 1 exhaust, those look stock anyway. I recommend the 4\

  35. is it plastic?

  36. This stuff is amazing. Will leave the pipe looking like new

  37. Yep, lacquer thinner.

  38. Chrome polish and a soft buffing wheel that will fit in a cordless drill.

  39. Use a penny to scape it off it won’t scratch the pipes. It’s weird but works.

  40. Dumb question – Did you heat up the pipes again before trying the EasyOff? That stuff needs heat to work.

  41. i will throw this out there…havent tried it for burnt on stuff. But I know it wont scratch. GoJo with pumice.

  42. If that’s a stock Indian scout exhaust I have a set $325 you pay shipping

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