Me and my friend are design bike cycle in Amsterdam


Hello everyone
Me and my friend are design bike cycle in Amsterdam style on our industrial design studies. We need help to decide where to put some innovation in our project so I wanted to ask you what would be the most helpful or comfortable for you :
1. Possibility to charge and see your phone during using a bike
2. Easy transporting animals
3. Put turn signal for turning (like in car)
4. Set up locker in a bike’s frame
5. Another idea. ( If you have, type it please)
Thank you for all your answers

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  1. Like the charging idea and the lights

  2. I have seen thousands of improvements/ideas the last 25, year only 1 or 2 survive and get used.
    For me less things on a bike is better, so it's very hard to solve a problem because there are no real problems with bikes.

  3. And the 4 ideas you posted allready exist and are readily available

  4. Here's one. A built in lock on the bottom of the frame that will lock the crank. Prevent quick grab and pedal away thefts.

  5. Run the brake and gear cables inside the frame.

  6. Effective wireless brakes… do that.. and write your own cheque

  7. I have been in product development for almost 30 years now. I have seen a lot of student work. It seems rare that student bikes are designed with hubs or spokes, which to me says the student wants to ignore the realities of their creative medium: manufacturing. That is my first suggestion: think about manufacturing methods, not just form.

    The second is to look beyond what the user asks for and figure out what need truly needs to be met. Henry Ford said that if he asked his customers what they wanted, they would have asked for a faster horse. The bicycle industry also creates “needs” where none truly exist through marketing.

    What prevents me from using a bike for transportation (other than my daily commute) is security (not getting stolen or stripped). Like a Dutch bike, I expect lights, fenders, front basket or bag, dependability and ready to go at all times in all conditions, night or day. In America, I would add speed, because our cities require covering much more distance.

    It is tough to do, as a design project, because Dutch bikes have standardization and economy of scale to keep them cheap as well. Here, they are very expensive because no two people want the same bike.

  8. I agree , bit of a very silly question for the USA..all this can be done at some price or another already..

  9. I would like 2 see a Bike with a built in lock in the frame 2 prevent grabs & go's. People that have bikes that cost 3 or 4 maybe 5 thousand euros really need this. Sometimes u leave home with out a lock!

  10. yes, a lock that pulls and retracts like a seat belt.

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