Looking for your opinions on tubeless tires?


Hello, I am looking for your opinions on tubeless tires. Pros cons

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  1. PRO, a bit lighter, far better traction, liquid latex seals flats. CON, remember to carry a spare tube, though I've never needed it. Low TPI tires seep sealant and need to be pumped up more often.

  2. I had tubeless for a while and was riding a lot and long rides. I kept having flats, blowouts actually. Might have just been bad luck. Can't fix them on the road. Need a compressor. I got rid of them. As i noted, I might have had bad luck, but it really turned me off from them.

  3. Anything with wide tyres it's a no brainer. I'm running schwalbe pro ones on the ride roady and the ride seems less comfy than high quality tyres and lattes tubes

  4. Tubeless no comparison.

  5. Out in Idaho where I lived for a few years, mountain biking was impossible without tubeless tires. They call them "Goat Heads" out there. They are also known as Bull Thorns and their much smaller cousins here in Florida are called Sand Spurs. They will flatten a tubed tire in minutes. Kevlar bands won't help if these things puncture a sidewall.

  6. My first bike had hard plastic tires. And I had solid rubber tubes once as a teen. If tbey could do an automotive style tubeless tire Id be happy to try it.

  7. I love tubeless

  8. Yup, we have Goat Heads here in Texas, that are Nasty

  9. When ever I set up tubeless I found that gorilla tape for rim tape on tubeless conversions was the perfect hook up.

  10. I have been using solid, gel tyres for at least 3 years now and there is virtually no visible wear. The ride comfort is amazing and the best thing is, no flats or punctures. I will never go back to tubes 🙂

  11. Currently Tampa florida

  12. Pro: they're better.

  13. Con: they're a faff

  14. Tubeless all the way.

  15. I currently use tubes filled with green stuff and punctur guard strips between the tube and tire.

  16. theres no cons at all

  17. Tubeless rims are engineered to more exacting standards (for obvious reasons) as are tubeless tires. Just makes for a better ride overall.

  18. On MTBs they're great, no pinch flats. Have no idea about tubeless on the road, all my miles have been on good ol' tires and tubes.

  19. Tubeless are superior to tubed tires in every way!

  20. It's a conspiracy…

  21. As soon as I changed to tubeless my acceleration rate increased and my average speed increased and the bike has a more lively feel. I'm going to convey my gravel bike to tubeless. My MTB 29er had a problem with losing air so I went back to tubes on that one. I may try it again in the future.

  22. Going tubeless is the first thing I do to any new mtn bike.

  23. great for lower tire pressure

  24. All pros no cons. Maybe having to remove the tape to fix a broken spoke but other than that I love running tubeless.

  25. Love the ride… but, my first season using and I had two flats caused by large gashes. Maybe just a freak thing because I can sometimes go two years without a flat. Problem is it's damn near impossible to remove and add a tube in the field.

  26. Always tubeless! Night and day difference. Don't be intimidated. It's easier to set up than you think.

  27. It's a no brainer for. One of the cheapest upgrades you can do. Depending on your rims, you can upgrade to tubeless for less than $30. Get a jug of Stan's sealant, a roll of gorilla tape, a floor pump and you are good to go. https://youtu.be/7MI01cgYjAI

  28. if the floor pump won't work fast enough and you don't have a compressor, do this. I've been using this method for a couple years now.https://youtu.be/EtmatxJG_zg

  29. Cos google didn't have the answers

  30. Tubeless any time of the day… just dont do it with duck or gorilla tape…

  31. Has anyone used the giant tubeless system that come on their bikes now?

  32. No cons only pros

  33. They are great

  34. Pro's love them and con's hate them.

  35. Okay, I race road, CX, MTB on tubeless. Here's my experience:

    Universal – invest in a high-accuracy digital pressure gauge (SKS Airchecker for me, Topeak makes a good one as well).

    MTB – if you haven't gone tubeless, stop reading this post, get down to your LBS and have them convert you. Ghetto tubeless generally works well from what my friends tell me. (I have tubeless tires and wheels, so no ghetto). The lower tire pressures are really, really helpful for grip on a hard-tail. I have 3" tires, and the grip you get when you get the pressure right is almost comical.

    CX – If you're a bigger guy (6'4" 185 lbs), it's really important, but if you're light and ride delicately, you can use standard clinchers. Tubulars are still considered better, but tubeless is cheaper. 🙂 If you have tubeless compatible rims and tires, it's worth a shot. Ghetto tubeless doesn't work very well here due to low pressures and small tire volumes. For me, it wasn't getting the lowest pressures possible, but making the tire invulnerable to pinch flats, since my riding style has been described as "a load of bricks".

    Road – you absolutely MUST have tubeless road wheels and tires. It's nice, but a pain should you get a flat that the sealant can't fix. It's also pretty expensive. Honestly, if you live in an area with bad roads, save your money and just use tougher tires. You CANNOT ghetto tubeless road tires – it won't work, and it's DANGEROUS.

  36. Have loved tubeless. Almost no problems with flats. Takes a significant gash

  37. Love them, but Hate setting them up and the 'wondering' factor about when to add more sealant. For mountain biking, 100% definite tubeless. For road, you can go either way, Also IF you flat on the road, it's a pain stuffing a tube in the tire loaded with sealant. Tried both and for my riding style and road conditions I stick with tubes. It's just easier and the weight difference between sealant and a light tube is a wash. Tubeless can be Heavier because the tires weigh more too. Pros and cons for sure. Hope this helps!

  38. Even if a small gash opens on the side of the tire, …… Your walking home!

  39. Further to Chris LaForte's point, I note that after 15 years of attempts, the number of ProTour teams racing tubeless at the Tour de France this year still = 0. Even though their tire sponsors are all heavily invested in the tubeless road category.

  40. couldn't be arsed

  41. so there are qualities to them "outside " of being a Pro Tour de France rider like Rick here…but for the rest us mere mortals they have a great ride.

  42. Road or Mountain?

  43. Love them. Just put 38s on my cyclocross bike, have had tubeless on MTB for years. But I recommend investing in a special pump, with a chargeable canister.

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