X Trainer Boano / Sachs CC


The best of both worlds. Boano / Sachs CC suspension valved and sprung for me by All Moto Performance. Finally giving this bike a chance to show it's true potential. ­čÖé

Thanks Aaron!!


X Trainer Boano / Sachs CC

X Trainer Boano / Sachs CC

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  1. Happy you’re happy Julia!

  2. Where did you get the fox shock from?

  3. Question, what made you buy the XTrainer and not a rr if you’re gonna spend heaps of money on suspension parts?

  4. Spend money on whatever you want ….. If it’s not bikes lots of people spend it on other things you can easily spend that much going out for dinner lunches ….morning coffees etc….this is what she has chosen to do … I had AMP just work on my stock XT suspension last spring and it is fantastic for what I need it for now …. Maybe she limits spending in other areas if we added up what we spend in other areas of life on non essential stuff it wouldn’t make suspension spending look that bad ….also she can still sell the suspension seperate from the bike when she sells the bike and recoup some cost …… Ride hard Julia!!!!!

  5. Good for you Julia! It’s looking sharp.

  6. Sweet! Sent mine in a couple of weeks ago…can’t wait!

  7. For those in North East England, I can thoroughly recommend Gavin Lowes at GeForce Suspension. He totally transformed my X-Trainer.

  8. What a sweet setup! ud83dude0d I still think Beta should offer an XTrainer Race Edition similar to this. My only regret about upgrading my 2016 XT suspension similarly was waiting a year to do it. Despite being the most expensive mod to my bike it was also the best improvement for me too.

    I’ve seriously been considering the new 300 RR Race Edition ever since it was announced, and have the money in my toy fund to buy one if I want to. But I just can’t get past the much taller seat height and significantly greater turning radius. (The 2020 RR is even greater radius than 2019 and earlier, so much so that some are intentionally bashing in the upper sections of their radiators to provide more clearance for the triple clamp when turning.) The Xtrainer is an amazing machine, and there really is nothing else like it on the market!

  9. Just did a very short test ride in the yard. Holy crap!

  10. Great to hear you’ve taken the next step and revolved the forks. How far wrong we’re they and in what way are they improved.

  11. How fast Is xtrainer ?

  12. That just looks great! Enjoy!

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