K&N filters being made in china !


And everyone’s worried about the K&N filters being made in china !

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  1. Are you saying you are surprised by Kawasaki parts being made in China?

  2. Ahhhh no, im saying i find it funny that peoples reason for doubting the quality of K&N filters has been because they are made in china and that i find it funny that the genuine ones they preach are also made in china.

  3. Actually, the reason for doubting the quality is the thousands of failed KN oil filters resulting in blown up motors, and people crashing from oil spewing all over their tires.

  4. There are some quality products that come from China. I’m sure a major manufacturer like Kawasaki Heavy Industries has some very strict quality standards as well.

  5. I’ve been to China to inspect factories for the CCTV market. could tell you shocking stories of their standards.

  6. I’d be more surprised if they weren’t made in China.

    The problem with K&N isn’t that they’re made in China, but that they developed a well-known issue with dumping oil since they switched factories.

    Some companies are able produce quality products in China if they keep a grip of quality. There seems to be some questions of K&Ns ability to do that.

  7. The quality of the filter is only going to be as good as the company who designed it. The factories make them to client specifications, so just because they’re made in the same place, doesn’t mean they’re equal.

  8. Everything is made in China now

  9. Who cares . Lots of quality shits made in China some things are only made in china. Like … LED manufacturers for example . You guys need to get out more. Yes k&n had a major fuk up. But for the last 20 years I’ve been riding with k&n parts and never been disappointed . One fuk up after years of giving me quality parts isn’t scaring me away.

  10. Look on the back of your iPhone ?

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