2017 CBR300R has a governor on it?


Does anyone know if the 2017 cbr 300r has a governer on it? I’m just wondering because when I turn the bike on the speedo goes up to 188 then down to 0 but in 6 gear the bike tops out at 93-95ish down hill on flat ground it’s about 85-86ish.

Seen videos of the 300r doing 180 on YouTube.

Trying to learn more about my bike

Also another question is my bike is a 300r but the title says 300RH? What does the H mean?

Thank you for taking the time to read and or respond.

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  1. Don’t know much about the 300, but when you turn the bike on, the speedometer goes up to the highest it will show on the display, not the top speed it can do. Also, there’s no way a stock 300 can go 180. My 600 tops out around 160 under ideal conditions.. never taken her above 135.

  2. its 188 kph lol ???

  3. Switch it to KPH mode and do another run.. i would of thought it would manage 170kph at least.. my old cb250 managed almost 160kph lol

  4. Ah.. I’m taking MPH.

  5. my 16 300r topped out at 93mph were as my 250r did 101mph.

  6. Yes it does have a governer- the governer is the fact that it’s a fucking 300.

    • Hahahaha! So harsh (yet true). Glad everyone told me to go with the 600 when I was buying my first. I was focused on mpg.. would get bored quick if is bike tops out around 100.. I need more oomph!

  7. 180kph is 111mph so the ones on YouTube are probably foreign spec so that would explain that part When I bought my 650 it had FE at the end and the dealer did explain but I’ve forgotten but next time you go in for a service, ask them?

  8. My 300 gets to about 158-160km but I only weigh 57-60kg so I doubt anyone heavier is gonna get to 100mph or 160km

  9. Just so everyone is clear I didn’t buy the 300 expecting speed either I got it so a complete fucking Muppet that had never ridden before wouldn’t die…. Definitely ready for a bigger one hahaha

  10. Bro put on a two brothers and and new levers and you’ll get that 180 for sure!! Oh and a power Commander! They double your power so you’ll basically have a 600cc!!

  11. There’s no way a power commander will double your power.. and even if you do a 2 brothers full exhaust install, it’s minimal gains. Will definitely sound better though ?

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