Kawasaki Vulcan Whitewall Tires


Opinions please. Should I put White walls tires on or not??? Pictures if you have a black Vulcan with white walls would be appreciated

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  1. I would not doesn’t look right on a classic.



  2. I have Blue Classic with white walls

  3. Looks good. Hard to keep Clean

  4. They look nice. Can be a pain if you are a fanatic at keeping your bike clean.

  5. Shot I ain’t cleaned mine in 1 month.

  6. I ride not cleaning.

  7. I like white walls with blue or red maybe even green, but I personally don’t think it works with black. Too much contrast that steals attention from the rest of the bike overall.

  8. I think it’s all about what you want. I was going to say “no” until I saw the two bikes above. Now I say “absolutely” but that’s just me!

  9. Absolutely LOVE my white walls

  10. …. this is funny, on another page this whitewalls/blackwalls tongue-in-cheek battle went on for days….as a compromise, one guy suggested whitewall in front, blackwall in back and got sent out of town on a rail.

  11. Yeah stick them on, only thing is you got to keep them clean. I clean mine with cellulose thinners works a treat.

  12. 1999 classic love my white walls

  13. Classics and Nomads look great with white walls

  14. No White walls

  15. Love mine on 2011 classic se. easy to clean with Mr. Clean magic eraser

  16. I love the white walls

  17. Black and gray, but wide white walls really set it off. Lots of compliments, plus good tires make an enjoyable ride.

  18. Also, please post close up picture of your driving lights if you mounted them onto the turn signal bar. I don’t feel like buying a new bar just for lights, rather buy lights and mount if possible. I have a 2003 Vulcan Classic 1600

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