Kawasaki Versys 650 Seat


Does anyone know if a gen 2 seat will fit on a gen 3 ifbi upgrade? Dont want to loose my sargent seat.

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  1. Yes, it will.

  2. I thought it would, but I wasn’t certain. Darren and Ian would know!

  3. Thanks mate really like the new se black and green edition

  4. Yes I have a mk2 and a mk3 the seat fits both ! The only difference is on the Mk2 seat it has 2 metal brackets that aren’t needed on the Mk3 I just Left them on as they’re not in the way ! Can add pic’s if required ?

  5. Its fine mate im sure i can figure it out without to many issues. At least iv got an excuse to upgrade from my 13 to a new one now. Is the gen 3 with all the tweeks a lot better than the gen 2?

  6. what about a 650 seat to a 1000 on a mk3? I’ve been thinking about going up to a 1000.

  7. I dont think any of the 650 seats fit the 1000 but im sure someone will let you know for sure shortly. Why upgrade to the 1000? I have a zx10r gen 4 and the versys 650 is better everywhere apart from flat out riding on the twisties

  8. I miss the power for passing power of a sport bike, Thats why I thought maybe a 1000 would give me some of that back. Plus the lack of shifting as often with a 1000 appealing from a lazy stand point.

  9. Thats a fair point, id ride one first all depends on were you ride aswell only place i can see it being an improvement is motorway cruising but iv not rode the 1000. I bought the 650 for town and backroad use if i need power i just get the zx10 out

  10. yea the 650 is fun but I like twisted with long days and some times that extra power is nice to have. I dont do much dirt or gravel other then side roads.

  11. Might be better off with the 1000 then tbh my 650 is stock geared and gets really buzzy and thirsty at proper motorway speeds

  12. Yeah, all up to the individual rider. I find the 1k overkill for how I ride, but I also have a larger street bike if I feel the need for more displacement. The 650 is a great fit for me personally.

  13. I could do the smart thing and go buy another motorcycle. Never such a thing as to many bikes in the garage!

  14. Thats the can do attitude lol only trouble is garage space runs out im upto 4 now and gonna need a bigger garage soon.

  15. Lan, us as well… with 5 counting those of my wife, we’ve pretty much reached capacity point for a one car garage. I wish we had room to build a larger one.

  16. I know i have the bikes in 1 garage and a spotless garage for engine work were my rd currently sits under going restoration but that may nees to change if i buy anymore lol

  17. Ian yeah, I have my 400F in mine, and I’ve finally figured out I can’t have more than one project bike at a time!

  18. Nice wish id gone earlier with the rd mines a 1985 ypvs350 f2 model

  19. Not getting the black and green in the colonies. 🙁

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