I have a 2011 RS-S in Orange


So I have a 2011 RS-S in Orange, but I originally wanted a different color (bottom picture). My question to you guys is, is it easier to buy all new plastics painted the color I want, or just to have it painted? Or a third option, trade someone…

I have a 2011 RS-S in Orange

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  1. Get it wrapped for a few hundred

  2. Paint is the best option. Wrapping is way more then a few hundred, you can paint for same amount.

  3. I agree. Paint is probably the best option. I had that on my 2012 RSS. Very similar to the color that was on my 1994 cobra.

  4. The body from the factory is painted correct?

  5. Look on cheapcycleparts.com for the panels. Probably cheaper to paint and then you can pick your color.

  6. New plastics like 2000$ i have a set of yellow plastic available for 750$

  7. Keep the top color way better

  8. Does anyone know the paint code to the bottom 2012 Red RSS?

  9. Shit, I can paint it for way less than that…

  10. Paint it much cheaper

  11. I used to be a painter for a body shop back in the day, and I know someone that owns a shop. So I might just prep it all, and bring it in and use their booth…

  12. Had mine custom painted

  13. I agree wrap it

  14. I know the feeling I have the one on bottom. Then I saw someone with it so I had to change it up.. got wheels powder coated and racing theme paint job came out sick enjoy. Cheaper to get painted for sure

  15. That funny I have bottom and want the top lol

  16. Paint it
    Way cheaper

  17. you can get a wrap to change the color. That way the original paint is protected and if you sell it the buyer can have the option of either color. Getting it wrapped shouldn’t too much and you may be able to do it yourself

  18. Beautiful photo paint it hello from Fayetteville NC

  19. The orange (Cognac) bike is sweet–you should keep it

  20. Wrap it. It’s not that expensive and if for any reason you want to change again you can take it off and start over again.

  21. Or do a wrap on it

  22. Where to order from to wrap?

  23. Got a wray for mine

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