Aux adapter on a 2013 rt-5?


Does anyone have an Aux adapter plug that goes into the rear trunk on a 2013 rt-5? didn't get one when I picked up my Spyder used from the dealer. thanks in advanced for any help on tracking one down.

Aux adapter on a 2013 rt-5?

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  1. ebay or Pitbull powersports in Springfield MO… I paid $30

  2. thanks. that’s not a bad price. found 1 on ebay, over $40 with shipping. hoping someone has 1 laying around there not using

  3. eBay – made by SENA

  4. OMG thank you for asking this question Chris. 2012 RT didn’t come with one either.

  5. Let me check

  6. I have one right in front of me. Send me your address and I will send it out.

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