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Good Morning, Everyone. My wife and I are shopping for a travel trailer to pull behind our 1/2 ton truck. I want to be able to take the bike with us. To date, I haven’t been able to find a toy hauler floor plan that I like, so I’ve started shopping for hitch mounted lifts to mount on the back of the camper. What is everyone else doing?

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  1. (Assuming you’re talking about a 1/2-ton truck.) Better to load the bike in the back of the truck, if you’ve got the bed length, than behind or on back of a travel trailer. TT’s (bumper-pulls) are a bit unstable to start with. Additional weight on the back can’t help. That said, I’ve got no other suggestion. I put my dresser on a Blue Ox lift behind my RV, but was never comfortable about it.

  2. Hagen, I would advise against that option! First, a regular travel trailer is not meant to carry that kind of additional weight. Secondly, your putting the weight all the way to the outside rear of the trailer, completely throwing off the tongue weight, and your going to have major stability issues! Continue looking for a toy hauler, there are tons of floor plans out there. While I don’t like their recent liberal attitude, Camper World has a huge selection of toy haulers with every type of floor plan imaginable.

  3. stay away from Keystone RV’s

  4. don’t know if it would work or not, but there are carriers that carry the front wheel and the rear tire is on the ground. Good luck!

  5. I found this, but I still don’t know how I feel about it.

  6. leave the rv at home and ride the bike, more enjoyable

  7. I ride the bike and stay in hotels

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