CBR 600RR Bar End Mirrors


How do bar end mirrors work on the 600 and which ones would you recommend and how hard are they to put on ?

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  1. Easy to install. Then they work just like your oem mirrors. Some people like them better cause they can get a better view of what’s next to them.

  2. YouTube might have some vids about them.

  3. I personally wouldn’t recommend them. they are ugly, smaller (harder to see) and the view angle changes when you turn. if it were me I’d just take the mirrors off and not use any, most of the time I turn my head to look anyways.

  4. Went ahead and just bought some replacements stock mounted mirrors for 20 bucks

  5. I’d say good job but it’s a personal opinion, but really with all the idiots out there(almost once a week someone wants to be in my lane) by putting on bar end mirrors you only reducing the chances of you seeing them and lowering your ability to protect yourself

  6. Amazon has a set of oem mirrors for like 16 bucks is what I paid they work great.

  7. But Pantos is right people don’t look and it is dangerous period to not have mirrors in my opinion. Looking works it really does but mirrors are a useful tool.

  8. That’s what I got.


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