How to determine the size of your bike?


Newbie in cycling, I just wanted to know how to determine the size of your bike?

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  1. Size of your bike you already own of how to figure the size of bike that will be comfortable and fit you right that you plan on purchasing?

  2. There is a ton of information on the internet. Most bite company is have a specific size chart that they recommend you follow, but you are messed up going to a local bike store and having them measure you.

  3. I already have one

  4. Correct me if im wrong, measuring it by the middle tube from top to bottom?

  5. Most bicycle shops will fit you for your bike between $50- $100

  6. A good bike shop should do a basic fit for you when you buy a bike. Otherwise, hop on and ride them to see what feels good.

  7. Im 5 feet 4 inches and a 16 inch frame is what I ride.

  8. You should probably buy new in a real bike shop. Get fitted and keep going back till it's perfect. Then you can buy used based on what you've learned. I love to buy the housewife special but I had to know how it should feel before I could guess about good fit.

  9. 6'2 and I ride a 56. Definitely smaller than I need but it felt right.

  10. I'm glad you asked this question. I invested in what I call a "fancy" bike a few years ago and am starting to feel worried that I was improperly fitted the more I ride. I feel like my bike is a tad too big for me, but it was expensive and so it's what I have to keep for the time being. I'm 5'7" and I'm on a 53cm frame. However, I've sat on smaller bikes and have just felt crunched.

  11. It's complicated but depends in what feels right. LOTS of test rides and talk with ur LBS.
    IMHO there r 2 measurements – height and reach. Height is seat tube and depends on leg inseam. Reach is top tube. It depends on torso and arms plus flexibility.

  12. On road and some mt it's the seat tube hight. And BMX and dirtjumper it's tt length generally

  13. A buddy of mine recommended this when I got started: I used this as a guide until I got a professional fit from a bike shop…

  14. The best advise I can give you is see a bike fitter before you get a bike.

  15. Just goto the bike shop and ride the bikes around. They keep your ID like a hotel and you can test any floor model

  16. Local bike shop

  17. ️ ️

    Different (names/brands) bikes have different geometry with different sizing. Make sure you road test and test fit them all out before you but, your lbs should be able tootled you want size you are and perform a basic sizing or fitment session with you and your new bike.

  18. Do you have a local bike club? Ask them how they get sized and fit.

  19. Thanks for all of your quick replies, I appreciate all of your suggestions. Didnt expected to gather many suggestions that you guys commented, many many thanks to all of you guys. This page/group is really helpful, thank you so much again. Ride safe always. More power to us, here from Philippines.

  20. Here's how we did it, back in the days of square wheels. Stand over the top tube, close to the handlebar. Next lift up the front wheel. If you are able to lift up the front wheel between 2 to 4 inches, it's a fit. If you lift it above 4 inches, it's personal choice. Over 6 inches and it's to small. That's just how we did it, before everyone got so fancy

  21. Go to a bike shops and get fitted. Not joking.

  22. Does the measurement of the bike vary from mountain bike to hybrid to road or cyclocross?

  23. pay for a bicycle fit at a bicycle shop or buy the bicycle from them so you don't waste their time an be rude…

  24. I second what Ed Malmgren ^^^ said. There is no substitution for a proper bike fit.

  25. If you can't figure out how to fit a bike yourself you should go online and look it up. All you really need to know is seat angle and bar tilt. I can ride any sized bike comfterably from BMX to road bike if the seat isn't tilted back too far. Bar angle if incorrect can mess up your shoulders

  26. Seat pins can sort the height out as long as your not 5 feet 4 riding a large or extra large frame. But crank length relative to your legs and the distance from the seat to the bars. The top tube length is also important.

  27. several good books if you are able to find them. greg lemond. leonard zinn. a good bike shop should be your first stop. depends on the type of riding you will be doing and the type of bike. and your anatomy for the best fit

  28. First, a degree in computational physics is required – then go see a pro fitter.

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