The back wheel does not turn smooth


Question, i bought a new road bike from the LBS. I have a little over 500 miles on it so far. I took the tires off this weekend to clean the bike and noticed the back wheel does not turn smooth in my hands like the front wheel does. The shop is telling me its normal. Whats your opinions?

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  1. Not normal.

  2. I didnt think so either. If i grab the wheel and spin it, it doesnt feel smooth almost like i can feel the barrings moving inside the hub… its not crunchy tho and makes no noise. Its just not smooth at all

  3. I have bad several issues so far. Started with several loose bolts on the handlebar/stem. Causing me to almost wreck my first ride. Having the handlebar tape all but come undone and start coming off. Having a front wheel/rim with a slit in it. That was in the first week. Now this. Its a 2018 trek domane. I dont really onow who to blame at this point. The shop, trek or both

  4. What's "the LBS"?

  5. Local bike shop. "Lbs

  6. I would be back to the shop and make sure they take care of you.

  7. That's not normal at all. Adjusting those cones properly is as much art as it is science – ask them to readjust your hub so that it spins freely as it should.

  8. I had the same type of issues at around 500 miles on my new bike. Turned out to be the free hub and they replaced it for free under the warrenty. My issue did make a clicking noise that would come and go.

  9. Most reputable shops offer a follow up tune up after a certain break in period. I would take it back to the shop you bought it from and see what they're willing to do.

    If they aren't willing to help you, then find another shop. If once they're done you don't feel a big difference, find another shop!

  10. LBS is worthless

  11. Find a new bike shop.

  12. Shop took it in and fixed the back wheel. They said the cones holding the bearings in were tightened too far. They replaced the bearings as per my request and made sure the cones were set correctly. The wheel spins smooth now. Just another issue to add to the list of issues with this bike tho. Trek has really let me down with this one. Im also going to leave a review on their website. Thanks for everyones help and comments

  13. All the issues I see you have listed fall on the bike shop not TREK. The shop should have caught all of those during final assembly and adjusting.

  14. again Zero information..what hubs are they have you done your 200 miles tune up…there's no information for anybody to tell you anything…

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