How Reliable Are The CFMoto?


Hello everyone planning in purchasing a side by side 800 CFMoto 2017 need to know how reliable are the CFMoto and if all of these have the same quality and reliability if buying them from different countries such as Canada, USA, Middle East, Far East? Many thanks

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  1. There is no side by side manufacturer in the USA. Canada makes Can-Am, other than that everything is made in China. That said, for the price a CFMoto takes the win over Can-Am.

    • Arctic Cat/Textron SxSs are made in Thief River Falls Minnesota. (With the exception of the Prowler 500) The engines are made in St Cloud Minnesota, with the exception the TM 850 which is currently manufactured in Germany (but is currently being moved to St Cloud Minnesota) Polaris is also a US based sxs manufacturer. They DO have some machines made in Mexico, but several are still made here as well. You might want to know what you’re talking about before making such false claims.

    • Isnt odes made here in America as well?

    • Jason Jodon no. Those are assembled. Just like Massimo/Benchee/HiSun claims they are. They pull them out of the crate and bolt the shocks and wheels and roll cage on. Basically they do the work the dealers normally do.

  2. What about the reliability and quality?

    • Only had my CFMoto 800 EPS Trail for three weeks so can’t vouch much on that yet. I can say that I’ve easily been able to keep up with other brands on some rough trails and I haven’t even broke it in yet.First bad (not really) thing happened today. Going over big rut on way down and heard load crack sound. Plastic skid plate cracked. No big deal, heard most guys install after market metal one anyways which I will now do as I have heard stories of branches empaling people through floor board.

  3. You’ll find out quickly that youll love the z800 , does it have power of the Polaris 1000 ? No but ill tell you what ,the z800 isn’t lacking in hp and if you run a 800 z against a Polaris 800 you will beat the Polaris. Sure the Polaris is more popular but at this point Polaris is only worried about producing and selling a ton of machines with next to no quality control. There quality control is worthless. I bought my z800 trail model February 2016 and i have 1613 miles on it and ive loved every minute of it. They come very well equipped, STANDARD aluminum wheels ,roof, winch , 2 inch receiver for hitch ,steering wheel lock , road ready -wired for even turn signals (only thing youll need is different tail light assembly) everything else beside light assembly is there already. Horn . You have full time Posi rear , push button 4wd , and flip lever over /push diff lock button and you have a true 4 wheel drive ,unlike can ams 3 wheel drive. I’ve climbed some crazy stuff and had no issues. Only issue i run into is clearance, and if you buy a Ex model you can buy lifts for them. My trail model will run 70mph with 2 full grown adults. Ive done 74 mph and left off so I’m sure 75-76 is doable. Most of the minor issues with the z800 were taken care of with the 2017 up models. Pre 2017 had water pump seal issues which the dealer will fix no problem. The other main pre 2016 issue was the thermo sensor which controls the cooling fan . The airfilter box design and filter is junk but most if not all of us ditch the factory air filter and get a 2 stage Uni filter or twin air and oil it properly with a high quality sticky foam filter oil like maxima fab 1 foam filter oil. Then get a snorkel kit or build your own to get the air inlet grill out of the cab where all the dust swirls and get sucked into engine. Also the clutch on these is fully adjustable without needing aftermarket parts. Hope this helps.

    • GPS speed or speedometer speed?

    • I have always used my speedometer, i had a friend follow me in his truck on the main highway to make sure it was accurate and before i installed the windshields i could hit 74 mph with me and my wife in the cab

    • Many thx buying them from different countries are still the same quality and reliability ?
      i live in Beirut if i buy it from here or from Canada, USA will be still the same as reliability?

  4. Every brand has their pros and cons. CFMoto is no exception to the rule. Bottom line they are the best value machine on the market, getting your typical Asian brand standard features of things life a roof, winch, and aluminum wheels, mirrors, even a horn and pre-wire for turn signals (the tail lights need to be replaced with the European ones, and there are two different front turn signals depending on the model you have, plus the dash switch). Power steering became standard as of MY17. At 62hp, it’s not the most powerful SxS out there, but it has plenty of power to get you where you need to go. It will beat the RZR 800, how ever with so few of them left out there, it’s not so much of a bragging right at this point. Head to head with the Wildcat Sport/Trail (700cc parallel twin, 62hp) it will keep up but it loses in the top end. Aftermarket support has been growing steadily since 2015 for these units, though nothing much for performance with the exception of slip on mufflers and fuel controllers. The Canadians came out with a wet clutch delete kit which proved to be a disaster for many users. The suspension is less refined than other brands. It’s not a bad ride, but when riding in a comparable current unit (RZR 900, Wildcat Sport, etc) you do notice a difference. The power robbing wet clutch is a down side, and typically causes “jerky” take offs from a complete stop when trying to accelerate in any fashion outside of “gun it!”. As mentioned, the wet clutch deletes turned out to be some busts, so it’s there to stay. It’s HIGHLY recommended you snorkel the intake. It’s in the absolute worse location, facing the bed in the engine compartment, where it sucks in all the dirty hot engine bay air (it’s worse for the trail models since the wheels kick more crap into that are since they are sucked in). You’ll also want to ditch the stock air filter and go with a dual stage foam. I prefer TwinAir as the foam is much better at filtering out fine particles as opposed to the UniFilters coarse foam which doesn’t. My personal experience with my 2015 Z8 Trail was less than satisfactory, and during that time I had two customers have the same engine issues as mine. With that being said, there are thousands of these out there that don’t have the issues I did. Overall, they are an ok machine for the price, and if you’re just getting into the sport they are a great way to get into it.

  5. Bought mine in Thailand, over 17,000 Km and…I love it!!

    • It seems international (to us) have a much better experience and less issues. Maybe we Americans are just harder on our shit ?

    • Valid point Emerson, valid point…But, I’m American too!!!! 🙂

    • Thomas we are looking at that Sandpoint Dealer you told me about to get our 2018 CF 800 EX when we get back to the US – Thnx

    • I’ve been racing one and have tons of people around me with them as well and they are a very tough machine, they ride extremely well, are built very strong and unlike a Polaris you won’t be changing wheel bearings a arm bushings and other etc. couldn’t go wrong with one in my books.

  6. Had my Z8 for years Lots of Miles treated it hard, had so much , they drive great Fun Fun Fun, now got a Z1000 ??


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