How many of you service your motorcycle yourself?


Quick question How many of you service your motorcycle yourself? I just purchased the service manual for the versys and thinking of performing basic maintenance oil,air filter change etc. Good idea?

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  1. I do, it isn’t that hard.

  2. I do most things myself aswell as having the dealership do the log book servicing.

  3. I do everything myself have 2 bike’s far to expensive at garage’s

  4. DIY all the way, Saves some money, and you learn more about your machine.

  5. You will do a more thorough job than the overworked technicians at the shop. Basic maintenance is easy.

  6. Yes, very good idea. It’s cheaper, and it’s never a bad thing to know how to do common maintenance and repairs.

  7. i do those basic stuff

  8. I have 5 tagged and insured. I do all work on all of them including clutch job on my K1200RS. If you’re aptitude allows it, go for it. If you’re just wanting to learn, do just that by watching others. YouTube is your friend!!!!

  9. I do the basic stuff; I’ve pretty much learned what I have the ability, patience and garage space to work on.

  10. All easy to do on versys…get a tool for the oil filter tho if you’re not confident..

  11. Check the Utube video’s makes a bit easier to see it done for your self

  12. All simple stuff. Go for it and pocket that money.

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