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I'm weary of removing my headlight cowling just to do battle with this silly battery. I admit that replacing the battery is a simple fix, even if usually required at an inopportune time (like when I'm geared up and ready to ride.) But Beta and Trail Tech's terrible circuit design that requires such frequent battery change is somewhat insulting.

Can anyone recommend a simple reliable hour meter for maintenance purposes? I can track distance fine with a GPS or smartphone.

Hour meter for maintenance purposes? | Beta X Trainer

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  1. yes I must admit I love my Xtrainer but the speedo is junk, Beta sort your shit out

  2. I am going to solder wires on this put in heat shrink tube and zip tie it to the spedo!

  3. The problem I had was the screen was too long for the recess and it popped the tape letting moisture in and one stuffed speedo

  4. You know it’s a problem when the dealer or Beta doesn’t ask to see the previous bad unit. They didn’t even ask any questions. Instead it was "We’re sorry for the inconvenience Mr. Smith. We’ll ship you a replacement ASAP."

  5. My local man is getting one but they seem hard to get

  6. Mine is weird. Sometimes it goes through batteries like crazy and other times the battery will last much longer. Not sure what is going on, but I make sure the pickup on the brake disc is not not near the caliper.

  7. When I leave it sit.

  8. Does no one talk to their dealer about these things? Beta has a warranty replacement of different but nearly identical appearance.

  9. My bike will be a year old April 15 and I have done 80 rides for a total of 5725km and only on my second battery. I must have gotten a good unit! No water problems either. Hay Roger it’s like my oil system it just works!

  10. Here we go. I’m going to get one of these and put 2x rechargable AA lithium or Ni-MH batteries in there and remove speedo and figure a good way to attach. Then can mount this with Velcro behind number plate and remove and change without taking plate off. Get back to you soon.

  11. Roger, I have a Hardline tact/hour meter. More reliable that my TrailTech TTO’s of the past.

  12. There’s a post somewhere (fb or a forum) that details how to hard wire the instrument panel to the main battery. The current draw is so small that it has no noticeable effect on the main battery. I recall it involves a wire to the flasher unit but can’t find the post. Spent an hour last night looking for it without success.

  13. Well in the interests of our sanity I would love it if you could fine it

  14. Here’s the post on thumpertalk.
    Starts on like the 14th post.


  15. That looks simple and a good solution!

  16. Did this little mod tonight and it works a treat. Quick guide; Remove the seat. Locate the fuses (See picture). Pull the unit upwards so it is free and you can more easily make the connections. There’s a retaining clip on one side of the white plastic connector so detach that. There are 4 outlets 3 of which are in use. And one which is blank. Connect a length of cable (enough to reach the headlight) to a female spade connector and push the spade in to the spare hole, making sure it’s round the right way to connect onto the male inside the fuse holder. Thread the cable through to the headlight. (I have included an in line fuse just in case the wire rubs on the frame somewhere and shorts out). On the other end attach a male spade connector and connect that to the red cable in the white nylon double connector which has one red and one yellow & red wire. This sits just behind the headlight (see picture). In the Thumpertalk guide it references that as #20 – it’s labelled as #19 on my wiring diagram.. That’s it – you don’t need a battery in the instrument panel although the "LO" light stays on without one. The display times out just as it does with the battery in. 2nd Photo in next post !

  17. So the display doesn’t mind having a 12V source when the battery is 3V source?

  18. Not at all. It worried me at first but then I realised it works off 12V when the engine’s running.

  19. so does your LCD display run all the time now?

  20. No. It turns off with the engine off after a minute (approx) just as it does under the 3V battery.

  21. Ok so if you push one of the buttons on the speedo does the LCD light up again for 30 seconds like normal

  22. You would have thought they could seal it up to worse the bike one time and it’s full of water junk Trail Tech stuff

  23. Just a question for anyone who has done the hard wire mod. Does your 12v battery drain. I don’t understand why because the display turns off so isn’t drawing power but after leaving the bike for 2 weeks my battery is flat – has happened twice.

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