Hairlines in the engine mounts? | Beta X Trainer


Does anyone else have these hairlines in their engine mounts? Are they just cracks in the paint or the start of the engine mounts breaking off?

Hairlines in the engine mounts? | Beta X Trainer

Hairlines in the engine mounts? | Beta X Trainer

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  1. Whoa!!! That looks serious. Did you have a hard crash or over torque something?

  2. Wait. That might be a weld line that has dirt on it. Wash and see if it cleans up.

  3. Typical Beta, I have totally crushed my lower frame rails. It’s just impacts to frame

  4. That’s a cold edge along the weld. Pretty much lack of penetration. I’m a welder by trade. I’m sure the bracket is not cracked but is just the "cold edge"….never the less still not good. Usually cold edges are easily missed upon inspection but once the paint is applied it sticks out like a sore thumb. Definitely worth bringing it up with the dealer for warranty purposes.

  5. Make sure to check these bolts every ride (70nm)
    Beta things

  6. On my 300 RR I’ve done a top bracket and a engine mount bolt. Everyone told me that they’re the sacrificial lamb to stop other shit from cracking and breaking. Wouldn’t of thought that would happen to the frame given that being said.

  7. Yep there are an issue. I Have had the problem have had them crack right out and had to re-weld them. See it on a few of them.

  8. What year I heard that some of the older ones crack but Beta warranties them.

  9. Going to check mine tomorrow!
    2016 got it in 15 though

  10. I would have to say by what I see on here there quality control is, uh, lacking pretty bad. Unacceptable!

  11. You blokes complain like you have never owned a 2 stroke. Check your bolts, try not to hit the frame rails too much and maybe you won’t crack a mount.

    Take out the bolt and actually see if it is just the paint too.

  12. I concur, you need to keep it clean and keep an eye on it. Not good. The real question is what is causing the stress to the frame. Good luck with that.

  13. Gene Carbonell this is a very simple repair for a skilled welder. I’ve been welding for 17 years. As I mentioned earlier this is a cold edge, cold lap, cold shutz etc. or whichever a welder chooses to call it. I honestly do not believe this has anything to do with loose engine fasteners or hitting rocks. It’s just a welder on the production that’s either half asleep under his welding hood or maybe just a novice welder learning. My advise as it is a 16 is see if beta will work with you even though the bike is out of warranty. I would be willing to bet the edge has been there from day one most likely cover from the paint. The frame flexes a bit and then the paint splits from the weld. They may work with you they may not. If they don’t I would fined a reputable welding shop, )not a buddy with a harbor freight mig welder with flux core)lol. The procedure I would take is to take a thin cut off wheel and lightly score the cold edge off and get down to the parent metal of the motor bracket and also score a slight concaved valley into the existing weld. I would use a tig machine over a mig machine. Specifically ask the shop doing the repair to us ER70s2 for the filler rod. It has a bit more flex verses ER70s6 that is commonly used for tig welding pipe. Ther is more control with the tig verses pulling the trigger on the mig and throwing wire at it. It’s a very simple repair. If you were here local I’d have you come down to my shop and I’d take care of it for you. When the time comes to do any welding on your frame pull your CDI box just for safe measures. Good luck with repair.

  14. This definitely happened after paint was applied also…

  15. If it is cracked you’re going to have to (TIG) weld it. But before doing that I’d get a wire cup brush and clean the paint off along the weld and see if it really is cracked or just the paint cracked along the cold edge of the weld. You might be lucky and either way you’ll need to repaint it anyway. Can you get your head under the bike or lay the bike over and have a look at the inner side of the bracket, check that side as well. Good luck.

  16. I’ve found mine like this after 1 50km ride from new

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