Guys in Florida what do you pay for insurance?


Guys in florida what do you pay for insurance? Im 25 with 1 accident and my lowest quote was 1140 a year from dairyland. Seems high but i know south florida has high rates in general.

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  1. Hey bud, can’t really compare to others. I’m an insurance agent. It’s based off age, credit, MVR reports and claims history, length of licensed driving, bike, coverage, etc. I will say Dairyland had a very high quote when I stopped my insurance. I go through another local where I live. Try American Modern, Foremost, Progressive and local agencies where you live.

  2. If you stick it out with your company (full coverage or not) all your rates will lower over time. If you cancel your insurance every year like I do (during winter in MI) the insurance basically puts you at the back of line for perks and discounts. I’ve got 2 bikes now though so i’m keeping the cheapest one insured all 12 months so I can get all the loyalty perks (aka cheaper rates) in a couple years. I was quoted $1000 for full-coverage on my FZ, with a shitty ass driving record, but the agent said once you hit 23, and have been with us 3 years, granted you keep your record clean you could see this rate cut in half. And from what other people boast, they get FC for $400-$600 so I assume he’s being legit.

  3. About $500 Canadian.\nThat’s $375 ish USD

  4. Over $200 cdn per month in Saskatchewan… that’s full liability. Gov insurance…. it sucks

  5. Florida Motorcycle Laws are very unique and not like auto insurance at all. Do some research on the Florida Financial Responsibility Certificate and Florida Self Insurance Options for motorcycles. These options only apply to motorcycles. There are some risks going self-insured. Personally, I have Geico at $693 per year with no tickets or accidents in the last 20 years and all the discounts that they can throw at you.

  6. We live in Florida Bro you dont need it. But if you want it, Geico.

  7. I pay $65 a month with State Farm for full coverage with uninsured motorist coverage, which is a must if you live in FL.

  8. Florida to Canada…..less riding months so they can count on the bike being parked most the year. And we all know a simple scratch or dent to frame totals a bike

  9. 510 for my Daytona 675r and 430 a year for my fz09

  10. Ill tell you, im shopping around now and geico told me 5k a year. I said fuck that. And looked at progressive which is 90 a month, nationwide is 82 a month, and dairyland is 48 a month. I wanna do dairy land but im iffy cause iv never heard of them. Im 26, clean record, good credit.

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