Best aftermarket shocks for the SxS?


What are the Best aftermarket shocks for the SxS?


Matthew Esslinger:
I did put a set of stage 5s on my Z8 a few years ago. They were amazing but not sure if they were $2500 amazing?

Bob Faulkner:
Get the Elkas if you can afford them. Otherwise, a set of Fox off of a Rzr800 work great.

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  1. 2nd ELKA

  2. Did you have a local outlet that you were dealing with?

  3. For the shocks I mean. Sorry

  4. Ridiculous Prices. Come up with a reasonable priced shock and you would have a ton of customers.

  5. So far i cant really complain on the stock ones.

  6. The shock debate is tough. There has to be a reason that all the racers immediately swap shocks. Doesn’t necessarily make sense for Joe Schmoe

  7. My suspension has been messed up since day one. The back end squeaks so bad. I’ve lubed everything under the sun to no avail. Actually sounds like the springs themselves at this point. Super annoying it’s so loud.

  8. Ours hydrolocked then 2nd time we took it out riding. The warranty wouldn’t cover them because the dealership we bought it from put a lift kit on it. Then we got them rebuilt but a guy we know that use to build our race shocks for our quads, he didn’t replace the bottom out bushing and that broke clogging the passage holds and locked up the rebound on one. We got that replaced with aluminum. Now the other one did it. So we either fix again and hope they hold or go buy after market.

  9. Oh man. I am a CF MOTO dealer as well and that first part seems kinda weird. Like no warranty because of the lift? Between you and I Normally you just would say anything to the warranty dept when you do the claim. We don’t sell that many units and have not done hat many warranty claims but they have never even questioned ONE of ours. Not saying it’s your dealer by any means. Maybe they got the claims guy in a bad day.

  10. I’ve heard a similar story once, where a Suzuki dealership put big tough looking aftermarket tires and wheels on a brand new King Quad in the showroom (and bumped the price accordingly) and later the buyer was told his warranty was invalid because his machine had non stock tires and wheels.

  11. If you do not get a warranty with the lift kit, you will have no warranty. The CFmoto is not responsible for someone else’s engineering mistakes.

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